Amy Winehouse Photographed With A Bag Of White Powder

It could be… confectionery sugar. Perhaps Amy Winehouse was in the mood to bake some cupcakes at 4AM? Ah who am I kidding. There is no way to spin this one. What can I say?? What. Can. I. Say? Amy was photographed moving her stuff to a friend’s house and the paps snapped a bag of white powder. As soon as she was settled, who comes strolling in but Pete Doherty. OF ALL PEOPLE! The “scruffy singer’s trousers appeared to be covered in a light dusting of white powder”. Sigh…

Amy winehouse, powder1 Amy winehouse, powder2 Amy winehouse, powder4

Daily Mail




  1. Christine says

    In response to the Anonymous comment above " stepping up and helping" and just how are you going to do that? Yes they are human, but she has the money and top resources to get the best treatment as possible, she just continues to destroy herself.

  2. KateS says

    You cannot just go and help someone in her position. First she has to stop living in denial, second she has to WANT to get help.
    I used to think she was talented, but not so much anymore. She wasted her talent and its nothing now.