Heidi Klum Eats Right And Enjoys It

I know some of you have requested a time out when it comes to Heidi Klum. I’ve tried to honor that scaling back on the amount of posts that are dedicated to her. But this interview wasn’t offensive at at. In fact, it just goes to show you that in the end, Heidi is just a regular mom trying to do right by her kids.


On how she got into shape after having son, Johan:

“I don’t do too many things,” the Project Runway host/supermodel says. “I’m very active. I eat really healthy. I like healthy food; I enjoy it. I like things that are good for me. I splurge, but not a lot.”

On what surprises her about motherhood:

“Sometimes I say something and weeks can go by and all of a sudden that comes out,” she says. “I’d forgotten it already, and I’m like “why did she just pull that one out?’ They just keep a word or they keep a certain thing and hold onto it. Then all of a sudden, two weeks later, they break it out.”

On handling discipline:

“I try to be fun, but I also try to be hard in places where I have to be.”

On her diaper bag goodies:

“I need diapers in different sizes,” she says. “There’s always wet wipes, there’s milk, there’s water, there’s goldfish, there’s tons of things you have to bring like bananas. Henry eats three bananas a day.”





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    she rocks! I remember the damn banana days, you try having two that want three or four a day! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhh