Eva Mendes Tells The Beautiful Girls To Quit Complaining!

Eva Mendes is speaking out against those who complain about being too beautiful in this industry. Eva recently said that these actresses should appreciate their good fortune instead of moaning about it.

“You know what really pisses me off? I’ve heard so many actresses say something to the effect that it’s very difficult to be beautiful in this business. And you know, I’m not violent but I literally want to strangle them. I want to tell them, “No, it’s difficult being overweight in this business. It’s difficult being from a minority or having some kind of physical or mental disability. But the easiest thing is to be beautiful in this business.’ Why do they say that? It sounds so arrogant.”

I think a lot of people will agree with you there Eva!




  1. saintdevil says

    Finally someone who speaks the truth.

    It is quite easy for a beautiful, young and slim actress to get any role she wants – if she has talent.
    To look old fat or ugly for the role she can just put on a fatsuit and special effects make-up.
    (I think "Monster" and "Shallow Hal" are cases in point.)