Carrie Underwood Tracks Her Food Intake

Over the last year or so Carrie Underwood has lost a significant amount of weight. She credits this change to keeping a detailed log of her food intake on a daily basis. I guess if you actually write down how many pretzels you are munching on, you are more likely to eat less!! :) Anyone do this and find success? During an interview with Glamour Magazine, Carrie said that the log along with cardio and no meat helps her remain healthy.

I’m slightly obsessive-compulsive about what I eat, more than I should be. I write down everything I eat,” the American Idol, 24, champ dishes in Glamour magazine’s January issue. “I started doing it last year. And in the last year is when I’ve gotten more healthy and lost weight.”What does she eat? Well, no meat. She’s been a vegetarian since age 13. (Listen up, Chace Crawford: “I don’t think I could kiss someone after they ate a hamburger ’cause they would probably taste like it, and that would gross me out,” she tells Glamour.)Underwood also says she she enjoys cardio and “that big exercise ball.”

Here she is with a VIP access pass at the Spice Girls concert.

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  1. Cp says

    Keeping a food log is the first thing personal trainers tell you to do. They also have this thing called the Body Bug that straps to your arm and tells you how many calories you burn in the day. You can enter your food log onto their website and it will tell you if you’ve done enough exercise VS food intake to loose weight.

  2. a.s says

    Thats simon fuller alright. He might not be a handsome guy but gets lots of women! Although he is engaged to be married soon, he never stop dating and have women around the world. I know someone who works for him and people know but would never say anything because he has much power. The fiance must know to but ignores it because of the lifestyle. Some women will do anything for money. Both he and carrie still strikes me as nice persons.

  3. Amy says

    Unless you are a glutton, eating healthy and excercise should be plenty. I know a lot of the weight loss programs out there have you keep a journal of what you eat.

  4. JAAZ says

    Thanks Kas! I just joined the sight and found out that my 3 cups of coffee in the am are over 2.000 cal!!! I NEVER would have thought that! Now I know why I havent lost wieght! Time to make a change to black coffee!

  5. joehawkins says

    oops.. i meant cut out REFINED carbs. and industrial vegetable oils. seek out COLD PRESSED oils (this is really important!). industrial oils are rancid and full of free radicals.

  6. T.Jake says

    I just love her music, and it makes me sad to think she is on the road to having an eating disorder! She is a beautiful young lady and I dont think she needs to lose any more weight.
    Be careful Carrie!!!!!