Pamela Anderson In Las Vegas

Pamela Anderson ended her career as a magicians assistant last night in Las Vegas and I have to say I’m surprised. I mean I really think this is the perfect job for Pam. All that’s required of her is to have fun, wear sparkly costumes, and stand around. Recently she was quoted saying she only has a few more years left in her to give to the business. Then she is officially going to retire to Canada with her children and live out a normal and quiet life. What will we do without her?

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  1. Amy says

    Pammy will never retire. She loves this too much. I can see her still up on stage with her implants shoved into tiny swimsuits when she is 75. She will be another Mamie Van Doren who by the way is pushing 80 and is still posing nude. Ewwwwww!

  2. jenny says

    dont believe her…at all!! shes too much a Whore to retire…!!!! ANd as long as her UGLY fake boobs will live, she will continue to show them to the world!!!SHes a PROFESSIONAL WHORE AND LIAR!!!!