PETA Takes Aim At The Olsen Twins… I Mean The Trollsen Twins

Hmmmnn… not sure if this is the best way to get people on board with your cause, but PETA has decided to attack Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen for wearing fur and including it in their clothing line. They even created a website picturing the girls as trolls and labeling them the “Trollsen Twins“. Do tactics like this make you change your mind about fur wearing?
Today PETA will also unveil their new “Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People” ad featuring the sisters at their walk of fame star in Hollywood.
UPDATE: Here is the ad:




  1. Miss M says

    If I was one of the Olsen twins I would sue them for using a picture without my consent.

    How does PETA know that the fur was real and not fake?

    I think there are better ways to change someones point of view than how PETA does it but what do you expect from a bunch of nutters like PETA.

  2. jade says

    picking on 2 young girls is nasty no matter what they have done. i dont agree with wearing fur like they do…but peta kills animals and are violent extremists and that i cant support. whatever happened to promoting peace?

  3. michelle says

    fur is going to be sold no matter what happens. peta is pointless. taking a jab at the olsens is ruthless and immature & shows what type of an orgnanization PETA really is. PETA needs to be sued for defamation of character. Funny how they dont ever choose celebs w/a backbone because they know their asses will be reamed!!

    Im for the REAL PETA–People Eating Tasty Animals!!!

  4. Harvey says

    Peta thank you so much
    Why would anyone want to wear something that used to be living, and faux Fur is cheaper and better quality, its bad enough we kill animals for meat, but do we have to kill them for fur too?

    The Trolsen twins deserve this!

  5. Harvey says

    Go watch 101 Dalmations, all you lot who think fur is okay.

    People who wear fur are going to be cruella devils in life

  6. ThisGirl says

    Haha, pathetic attempt to bring people down based on what they wear. PETA needs to go away forever. I love animals with all my heart, but their way of "spreading information around" for a good cause is disgusting.

  7. nony says

    I was sooo pissed after I found out about the website & the ads!
    it makes PETA look like a childish organization.

  8. Anonymous says

    Agreed with Jules. Someone who defends Olsen skanks over animals is someone I never want to know, ever. Losers.

  9. kyle says

    peta is lame. THE ONLY BIGGER FASHION VICTIM ARE THE PPL IN PETA, have u seen how they dress? haha losers

  10. Anonymous says

    i agree it just makes makes me hate peta even more.. they seem to be really immature about this and this is a perfect example. i wouldnt wear fur because of how the animals are treated.. but if a friend of mine went out hunting and ate the meat and said hey ill make you a coat out of this fur i would wear it. i think fur is pretty to a point but if you know where it came from then no but saying someone is a troll or only ugly people wear fur isnt going to change many peoples minds.