Janice Dickinson Credits Father’s Abuse For Her Success

Janice abuse

Terrible. The more you learn about someone’s past, the more you understand their current behaviors. Janice Dickinson had an awful childhood, suffering from mental and sexual abuse. In the end, she credits her success to doing everything in her power to prove those demons wrong.

“I was told on a daily basis by my father that I would never amount to anything and that I looked like a boy. The secrets of the abuse almost killed me. I kept the secret of incest, of beatings until I went into therapy. I later had to fight like hell to convince model agencies I was beautiful in my own Polish half-breed way. They kept telling me I was “too ethnic’ or that my lips were too big.”

Bauer Griffin




  1. angel says

    although i am far from impressed by this woman, i must say, good for her for at least trying:)

  2. kev says

    And with this wisdom she in turn speaks mean of people, shatters confidence and verbally attacks others… Clearly the abuse made her a better person….