Lindsay Lohan Not Secretly Endorsing Ariva Gum

Reports came out yesterday that Lindsay Lohan was secretly endorsing Ariva gum by walking around town holding the box in plain sight for the paparazzi. When I read thta I thought to myself, genius!! How brilliant! It’s just as amazing a deal as those “get paid to shop” thing she has going on. It’s really the smartest way to endorse because you can do dozens of products and people won’t even realize that you are collecting the big checks. HOWEVER, reps today have confirmed that it just isn’t the case. Lindsay is NOT sponsoring the nicotine gum. She is simply a fan of the product.

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  1. Anonymous says

    If she were getting paid, THEY would be sponsoring HER, not the other way around.

    Sure wish she would stop with the black tights, they make her legs look huge.

  2. says

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