Kylie Minogue Happy With Where She Is

After all she has been through these past few years, it’s good to see Kylie Minogue finding happiness with what she has. If only everyone could be so lucky. Here she is talking about the possibility of her not having children and being ok with that.

I am not at that stage and I might never have a 2.4 nuclear family – but I don’t know that that makes me any less fulfilled or happy than anybody else. This is the only life I have. This is the one I know. I can’t be in someone else’s shoes. I am getting good at trimming things down and good at saying “no’. Doing this album was an affirmation, a reaffirming that I actually like doing this. But after this is done, maybe I would like to grab a backpack and go.

Oh to grab a backpack and go…




  1. gisela says

    good for you Kylie,
    I think you are blessed, maybe she has found the peace that so many seek.