Nicole Richie Is Scared To Give Birth

Nicole Richie is reportedly getting really nervous about giving birth…it’s only natural. Who isn’t a little worried before having their first child?!?

“Nicole Richie is terrified of childbirth. The closer she gets to her delivery date the more her anxiety she’s building up. She’s afraid of the pain and obsessing over all the bad things that might happen. To get a grip on herself she’s being treated by the same hypnotist who’s helped her in the past to give up smoking. This specialist has worked with a lot of Hollywood clients who need to deal with dieting or with assorted addictions, including drugs. He’s helping Nicole to relax and stay calm and think positive thoughts as the big day approaches.”

We should be hearing about a delivery any day now! I hope everything goes smoothly for her.
And in other news, I’ve always been skeptical about hypnotists. But a lot of people I know have used them to give up smoking. So maybe there really is something to them! Have you ever used one?




  1. Hello says

    No I have never used hypnosis. It sounds like a scam. Why would anyone want to be mind controlled? Sounds scary to me…

  2. danyelle says

    oh gees, she is probably gonna have a c-section anyways, all hollywood women do, they are way too vain to give birth naturally.

  3. jaaz says

    I dont blame her for being nervous! although I wasnt very scared with my first I sure should have been! I had a nightmare delivery with major complications that resulted in 3… yes THREE surgeries over the next 6 months to repair all the damage that was done.
    rare., I know. but now i am terrified so I think i should go see a hypnotist!!!!!!!

  4. judy says

    I guess this means maybe she is one of the rare celebrities that actually go through labor and delivery and is not scheduling herself a C-section. Good for her.

  5. Laura says

    Im 4ft 10 and have very tiny hips. my doc told me my baby, who was a wk overdue, was around 7lb 7oz and too big for me and told me to have a c-section, however i get blood clots so they decided to see how id do with a natural delivery. They gave me an epidural and i gave birth naturally- and my baby turned out to be VERY tiny. 5lb 1oz lol!! Id def have the epi again, was a complete dream :-).