Eminem Has Some Serious Health Problems.

TMZ is reporting that Eminem was rushed to the hospital over the holidays. He was taken in to a Detroit area hospital because of serious heart problems and severe pneumonia. Also, sources are reporting that he is now over 200 pounds. Eminem’s rep has this to say,

“Over the holidays, Marshall Mathers, pka Eminem, was under doctor’s care at a Detroit-area hospital for complications due to pneumonia. He has since been released and is doing well recovering at home.”

Hmm, maybe the weight gain is why we haven’t seen or heard much from him lately…whatever the case is, I wish him a speedy recovery!




  1. Michael says

    I agree with you monique you are right. shame you get little cunts on here trying shit but at least it means more comments are being sent, so keep them coming. For El just go bum up to ja rule you freak

  2. EL says

    Ok your right eminem is cool I just get mad to know I cant have him, I came out 3 months ago but deep inside I dont want to accept it, I just really love eminem and want to be with him. Life is just not fair. I am gay and proud of it.

  3. says

    hey for all of you that called eminem a junkie or a retard go fuck off just because he`s the best doesn`t make him bad p.s EL and Francesca go fuck each other your made for eachother because your both assholes p.s i agree with Monique i love you eminem get well soon peace out

  4. michael says

    Oh El you said that was straight trash yeah, would love to see you try to come out with some thing better! Go feel up Ja Rule

  5. Romain. says

    Wots with all the black jokes? I have seen white jokes 2 fuck me man this site is fucked. I am no racist & I dont believe in peeps coming on this being racist. Some peeps on here need to get a life. Eminem. He is sound. other rappers I like better but still he is good, dont be disrespecing someone with good ententions.

  6. Monique says

    *yawns* Everyone who reads these posts have a look at all the pathetic comments that gayboy EL as put…how much of a lowlife can you get??? Laughing My ASS RIGHT OFF! Bless him he must be very bored…I know he as no life but still there is being a lowlife and being El LMFAO Good luck for the future El, you might one day get some help mate

  7. London Stylz says

    Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I couldn’t help but nitce the vulgaraity of some of your comments in relation to Mr Slim Shady. It is a shame you people are unable to recognise modern day genius and respect his contribution to what we love….MUSIC……..So in the most sincere words as possible……GO FUCK YOURSELFS YOU EMINIEM HATERZ AND TRY AND REALISE WHY YOU GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING.

  8. Anonymous says

    God! Eminem is the hottest guy in the world. what would we do without him?LOL! I hope he is going to fully recover and be back on his feet making his mucic because it’s so inspirational!

  9. Passerby says

    EMINEM is my idol
    he’s da best rapper
    in da world
    nobody is better than

  10. Mrz.Mathers! says



  11. trinity says

    awww, i love his music. i hope he feels better soon. although he did reference about pits being mean in his music once, i still like his music.

  12. Irishgirl says

    I love Eminem, hope he gets better soon. Yeah, he did say he was taking a break from the limelight to spend time with his daughter. He was sick of the madness. I love his music, and love his movie 8 mile. Hope he makes another album some day.

  13. Keisha says

    Second with EL and Smut Dogg, never been an Eminem fan, only came to this post because I thought he was about to die or something

  14. EL says

    To the moderator, you completely removed one of my posts but you let Francesca use the word "Nigger" multiple times. This leads me to believe I typed something that offended you personally. If so, GOOD!! That makes you a biased bigot.