Dita Von Teese At The Breaking Bad Premiere

Dita Von Teese attended the Breaking Bad premiere in Culver City, coordinated from her head down to her toes. Jewelry, shoes and purse all match the dress perfectly! I’ve never been one for so much matching, but Dita looks fantastic here.Does it amaze anyone else that she manages to look sexy even in a dress that reveals nothing? There’s something to be said for leaving a little bit to the imagination…I can think of a few celebrities who haven’t learned that lesson yet :)

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  1. Jennifer says

    I think its funny that we are talking about her looking glam with no revealing to much… i mean come on … she is a burlesque dancer she spends her time at work NAKED (except for a g and tassels) so actually wearing clothes is probably a nice change for her.

    Just want to point out that I am also a burlesque dancer so therefore have nothing against her type of work.