The Glasses Are So She Goes Unnoticed

Gwen Stefani wore a red and black checkered coat as she passed through security and onto her flight at LAX. I think it’s a pretty safe bet if you are looking to bump into a celeb, hanging out for a day at LAX will score you a few. No sign of Gavin or Kingston unfortunately.

red stefani lax1 red stefani lax2 red stefani lax4 red stefani lax5 red stefani lax6

Bauer Griffin




  1. says

    funny your use of the term BUMP into her, given what she is wearing, and what is suspected. Intentional pun? Very good, veryvera!

  2. says

    It is MAC, I went an got it with her pic, and they knew exactly what shade. I loved the whole black and white dressing with red lips and shoes, so I copied. Russian Red, matte finish. She also has another color that she designed for them, but this is the shade she wears.