Katherine Heigl At Katsuya

HEY NOW!Katherine Heigl is all dolled up! She ditched her signature jeans and oversized sweatshirt in favor of a sexy look for Katsuya restaurant.Still hasn’t ditched the smoking habit though…I guess the nicotine gum that fan gave her isn’t helping.And off subject…what do you think of her friend’s blue tights?I would have LOVED those when I was 5 years old, so I’m kind of happy to see them making a comeback :)




  1. lailai says

    her friend has great legs so the blue tights look really cute on her but they are definitely not for everyone!

  2. karla says

    I really HATE fartlisteners who have to pock their noses in others people buisness.it is her body,it is her lungs,if she wants to smoke IT´S HER OWN CHOICE,i really should start telling fat people who stuff them selfs with chocolates,junk food,coca cola and etc. that they discusting and this shit they put in their mouths will make them ill,cause let´s remember what is number one cause of heart problems,diabetes and etc.-OBESITY….and maybe here people should start protesting to big engine cars and factories who pollute the air….but ya ignorance is a blessing!