Nancy O’Dell With Ashby Grace


Access Hollywood TV anchor Nancy O’Dell exited the Ritz Carlton Hotel with her husband Keith Zubchevich and their baby girl Ashby Grace. Haven’t seen a picture of her yet – how adorable!Bauer Griffin




  1. Anonymous says

    I heard the same inquiry from a caller on 101.9 in Chicago today. Everybody agreed something looks different and figured it’s due to botox. Too bad..

  2. Shannon says

    She is a beautiful baby. I was honestly shocked, though, at how much makeup her mom is wearing. What the heck? Is that necessary?

  3. Lauren V says

    Sorry, but I dont know who she is… I do think she looks lovely though. And that is a beautiful baby girl.

  4. callie says

    Wow! lovely rude comments on a beautiful couple w/ a beautiful baby. Posting nice comments would be nice. If not, run to the other gossip columns.

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. LJR says

    I think she does ET and also the red carpet events, right? Maybe the Miss American pagents ?!?

    She is wearing a lot of makeup, and looks kind of swollen in the face….I want to say her husband is a plastic surgeon or doctor. For the red carpets she showed us how her doctor husband and double sided tape and she puts that on her dresses so she can bare just enough, but not all of her chest…fun facts :) lol