Lindsay And Ali Lohan At Byron Allen Hair Salon

Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan were photographed leaving the Byron Allen Hair Salon in Hollywood, together yesterday.I guess they went in for some sisterly bonding time but neither of their hair looks much different to me so maybe they just bought some products.I seriously can’t get over the fact that Ali is just 14 years old (and barely 14, her birthday was in December).When I was in Jr. High, I guarentee you that I did NOT look like that!But Hollywood makes kids grow up so fast these days…




  1. Anonymous says

    ewe! ali looks like she is 40 years old!!! what is wrong with these girls!!!!! their mother whores them out!

  2. g says

    Lindsay is not a good role model for her sister im sure Ali is already having sex and using drugs.

  3. Lilly says

    She looks like she is 30! My 14 year old daughter DOES NOT look anywhere like that and neither do her friends. Its the genes. Lindsay looks pretty old too.