What A Beautiful Story

Jenna Elfman showed little Story while out for some coffee with her assistant/nanny/friend (not sure about that one). I never could figure out how to use my Bjorn. By the time I strapped that bad boy on, I could have gotten in the car and back. Great way to travel though! No need to haul out your stroller (mine weighs about 45 pounds – literally).

jenna story elfman1 jenna story elfman2 jenna story elfman3 jenna story elfman5

Bauer Griffin




  1. gia says

    i cannot imagine being a celebs assistant. it must feel being a servant to some rich spoiled brat. i am sure some of them are nice, but many are probably quite demanding & have ridiculous expectations. i think it would be horribly stressful for the most part.

  2. Zoe says

    Good point, Kelly. Honestly, I have never seen a photo when that child is not scowling. How is it a baby has a permanent scowl? What is that about?