Angelina Jolie’s CNN Interview About Baghdad

Whether or not you are a fan, you have to admit we wouldn’t be talking about refugees in Baghdad had it not been for Angelina Jolie making it her business to shed some light to the situation. Here she is on CNN talking about solutions, why she took the trip and her continued quest for answers.




  1. floridababe says

    She looks pretty foolish.

    Just your typical Hollywood liberal whining about something and doing nothing about it.

    Let me know when she allows a few dozen refugees to live in her many houses while she travels the world.

    Then maybe I will care what she thinks.

  2. Anonymous says

    Response to Jello

    Of course I did, where have you been living under a rock?

    and it is not only Darfur, this has been happening for a long time in Africa, and the opression that the Iraqis were under the Dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, people being tourtured, raped and mutilated.

    but of course it took Adoptilina and George Clown-e to inform you!!

    How sad!

  3. Anonymous says

    Response to Jello-Brain

    I am a college graduate, that speaks 3 languages and has traveled the world and does volunteer work, and cares for what is happening currently in the world… How about you?

  4. says

    I just want to know if her celebrity status will allow her answers that "regular" americans cannot get. Because she is an actress? wow.

    What does that say about our society?

    I do admire Angelina and her fight to save the world. 😀

  5. Anonymous says

    Wow!!! the spelling patrol is out…

    And it seems that the Taliban also likes to visit celebrity blogs, trying to censor our freedom of Speach!!!

    Just, because I see things Objectively, and I am not Star Struck… that makes me Jealous..

    what and idiot statement..

    You should be Skeletinas P.R.

  6. Anonymous says

    Vamos a Responderele a Mercedes,

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    Que? crees que tu eres la unica que sabe Espanol y Frances

    Te estas saliendo del tema querida!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    Respondiendo a Mercedes

    Ah por cierto idiota, la que no sabe Frances eres tu

    Ce n"est pas, means "it is not"

    la que no sabe que esta escribiendo eres tu,

    he, he

  8. Anonymous says

    Que paso? Mercedes no que my fregona!!!

    o acaso estas ocupada, consultando tu propio diccionario?

  9. Karen says

    As many have said here she has no clue what she is talking about and of course why do anything without exploiting it for attention.

  10. trinity says

    you never see her talking about the soldiers or going to them and thanking them for keeping us safe. she only cares about non-american people, or so it seems that way. she is an ignorant self absorbed bitch that has her head up her ass. go soldiers! screw angelina.

  11. says

    Damon: There are reports out of Hollywood that… (laughs)
    Jolie: Oh don’t. Stop it. (interupts I had to ask) Stay true to your tradition. You’re CNN. Don’t do it!
    Damon: I know that’s why I have to… (Laughs)
    Jolie: But I don’t have to answer. OK?
    Damon: No you don’t. I completely and totally … you’re right and will not press the matter.
    Jolie: Thank you.

  12. Paige says

    Thank you for posting this. She is a remarkable human being and she is more enlightened than 80% of Hollywood combined. She understands that life is about more than wearing the latest couture. I give her so much credit for shedding light on the poor innocent human beings in Iraq whose lives are destroyed because of George W. and his illegal war. Not only has this illegal war caused the needless deaths of 3,000 of our faithful American soldiers, but it has also caused the deaths of ONE MILLION innocent Iraqi people who were peaceful people. Can you imagine just living your life peacefully, raising a family, and having your house bombed? Try to imagine that. The REAL terrorists are the Bush Administration (with the complicity of Congress) and they are using the fear of terrorism to take all of your rights away (see The Patriot Act). Quick way to send an email to your legislator is by going here to help take back the Bill of Rights. (The government is not taking your rights away to "protect" you, they are taking your rights away so they can stop American citizens from criticizing the government!) If we do not put a stop to this, in time, someone like me would never be able to type these words and people will be fired from their jobs just for saying something against the government.

  13. Anonymous says

    She really does not sound very elocuent in the interview, actually in all her interviews… I do not know how her "Star power" will carry any weight in this particular matter. I do think that she has good intentions, but like a said she is not very educated. their are millions of women that actually are not recognized for their efforts and volunteer work in our communitys, our nation and all around the world.

  14. Anonymous says

    CNN was out of line. She is in Iraq to visit those soldiers and to talk about the displaced people as a result of this war and conflict in the region. Why they need to pose questions about her preganancy is beyond me. This is an example of the dumbing down of society. Instead of paying attention to world events we need to watch images of Paris Hilton leaving jail and Britney spears being chased by Paps. Good for her for trying to re-direct attention to things that are more important and not silly stuff.

  15. Les says

    Gosh, you are right. I would have never, ever thought about refugees in Iraq or anywhere else in the world. Thank the good Lord for Angelina Jolie!

  16. what? says

    give the woman credit for being there and trying to focus attention on the issues…….there are so many Aniston supporters – gimme a break, Jen baby is back in CA riding her Chanel bicycle.