Amy Winehouse Visits Blake In Jail

The day after the Grammy’s, Amy Winehouse headed over to the jail to visit her “Blake incacerated.”It’s only logical that she wants to share her happiness with the man she loves.I guess this puts to rest any of those rumors about her findingsomebody new.And I just can’t get over how much better she is looking these days!SO happy for her.Wonder if winning a few Grammy’s helped put things in perspective.




  1. Heather says

    She already looks so much healthier.. even after just this short time of recovery I can see a huge change.

  2. SeVen says

    I think she looks amazing. Shes put on weight which is great, shes smiling and looking fresh… I dont understand the need for the hive though.. maybe its my personal taste but isnt there another style that would flatter her face and body + style more then that hive?