We Should All Be So Lucky

Every single interview I have every read or head from Evangeline Lilly she complains about her job / acting / LOST / celebrity life etc. LITERALLY! So, this new comment isn’t really that much of a surprise. Kate is now telling reporters that she is allergic to the island of Hawaii. In fact, there are so many different things that cause her to get ill that she leaped off the island as soon as she had the chance. She was actually thankful for the strike! The second she heard about it, she packed up her bags and jetted off.

“As soon as I found out about the strike I got off the island. Island fever is not a joke. It’s something everyone in Hawaii experiences. I’m allergic to Hawaii. Everything there makes me react in some way. I have spent the last four years with allergic reactions, or sick. On the way out, a spore or something got in my eye. The pink wet flesh inside my eye just closed up. I started to see fuzzy and everything was out of focus.”




  1. Helen says

    Never watched Lost and I saw her for the 1st time on David L. show the other night… I REALLY, RALLY enjoyed watching her… she was very lively and fun.

  2. Christine M says

    Her and Jessica Alba should just quit. They have such crappy attitudes to work. Do they really think they will be missed?

  3. Lauren says

    I just have to say that my sister lived on Maui for a few years and one summer I went to stay with her and the EXACT same thing happened to me. The new allergies, the horrible bug bites, the island fever. Imagine living like in the truman show. You just cant get out! I could NEVER live in Hawaii! I cant say that this interview bothers me because I have had that feeling and it SUCKS.

  4. Carly says

    She is so lucky. She gets to work in Hawaii and kiss Josh Holloway! I would trade places w/ her if she hates it so much. lol

  5. Kathleen says

    Ms. Lilly DOES is NOT worthy of this show, LOST!!! Maybe HER character will be the next one KILLED :(

  6. lis says

    I do not like this girl. Any redeeming qualities she might have are constantly ruined by her bad attitude and poor personality.

  7. brody says

    oh whah! at first i really dug kate.. but now i could seriously do without her.

    whats that saying about the gift horse and mouth?