Christina Aguilera Talks About Her Scheduled C Section

I’ve had both deliveries and I will never understand why someone would want to have a c section over a vaginal birth. It was SO much harder to recover from the C. And trust me, I had the WORST vaginal birth you can get (I won’t get too descriptive – but you KNOW what I mean) and still found it easier to get around days after delivering. With the C, I was KNOCKED out for weeks. It was terrible. But so is Hollywood.
Christina Aguilera spoke with People Magazine about her scheduled c section and how she didn’t want any surprises. MEANWHILE, can the average pregnant mom do this? You can’t just say you want a C right? Perhaps because she paid for it on her own and didn’t have to go through insurance?

I didn’t want any surprises,” she says matter-of-factly of her decision to deliver via scheduled C-section at week 37 of her pregnancy. “Honestly, I didn’t want any [vaginal] tearing. I had heard horror stories of women going in and having to have an emergency C-section [anyway]. The hardest part was deciding on his birthday. I wanted to leave it up to fate, but at the same time I was ready to be done early!”
When the big moment finally arrived, “the instant I heard his cry, the waterworks started,” says Aguilera. Bratman, who filmed the birth and played the music of Miles Davis throughout, says, “We’ve played the [birth] video several times since, and all you can hear is me going, ‘Oh my God!’ I was beaming the entire time.” And when they placed Max in Aguilera’s arms, “I said, ‘Hi, Papa, hi, my little angel,” she recalls, “and he looked up at me and opened his eyes for the first time. The connection was incredible. You can’t believe the love you feel.”





  1. Anonymous says

    ya G jsut bc your tiny thing will fit anywhere doesnt mean a baby can fit out of the same area!!
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  2. Jo says

    Women are ALL equipped to give birth naturally…it is our medical industry here in the US that has tricked us into thinking that natural birth is painful, inconvienient, etc.

    In the other 6 industrialized countries in the world, over 70% of their babies are born AT HOME WITH NO MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. And guess what? Their infant AND mother mortality rate is much, MUCH lower than ours.

    And yes, you can schedule a c-section in America. And a tummy tuck to follow.

  3. Anonymous says

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  4. says

    I had 2 vaginals, and a c-section. I totally agree Vera, the vaginals were SO much easier. I was up and about within a few days, but not with the section, that was WEEKS of pain.

  5. Mileydis says

    I HOPE (fingers crossed) I have a vaginal birth next month, I will be very disapointed if I have a C-cection I have even thought of ways I can scape the Hospital if my Doc tells me I have to have a C-cection Hahahahahaha jk.

  6. Helen says

    I had both my kids via C-section. With my soon it took a little while to recover but with my daughter I recovered really quickly… I’ve always said I didn’t want vaginal delivery but it was an emergency c-section so it worked out the way I hopped.

  7. Elizabeth says

    Doctors do elective c-sections everyday all over the country for non medical reasons. It has become a culture where doctors do what the patient wants. People who are afraid of tearing can request major abdominal surgery which puts mom and baby at risk. Our c-section rate is about 25% in this nation now. And it will only go higher with all the repeat c-sections that will be done.

    A c-section should not be seen as an easier way to deliver a baby! There are serious complications that can result. It certainly results in a more difficult recovery!

    As for babies, their lungs are pretty much done developing around 35 weeks. After that they simply gain body fat which is important. To deliver at 37 weeks is not a bad thing. Term is considered 37 weeks and up.

  8. cg says

    My 1st was vaginal delivery and 2nd was c-section. i will take a c-section any day. the recovery was about even for me. there is still some pain where the stiches have to go after the vaginal delivery as well, you just have the massive pain up front as well. Thankfully, now that I have had one c-section, my doctor will not allow me to even consider a natural birth with my 3rd.

  9. coastie21 says

    I feel like all these women who are forced to deliver natually are all haters. they wish there insurence would pay for it but it didnt. stars get c sections because obviously they dont care about others womens judgements and can get whatever they want done. i hate that women are sooooo into the whole "the pain is worth it" crap come on, who wouldnt rather just get it done, be real with yourself. pooping on yourself, tearing your vagina, and hours of labor are not the business. and no it is not vain to want to keep your sex life in tact after child birth, men can totally tell the differance they just dont want to hurt your feelings.

  10. Anonymous says

    Well im 7wks preg. W my 2nd child. I wanted a naturaj birth w my son. N0 pills nothing. But it wasnt to be. Everything was fine until i was 7cm n then his heart stopped. Honestly i refused the morfine drip and only took a few motrin that 1st week. It wasnt that bad. I ddnt want meds cuz i was breast feeding. Not 2 mention my body over reacts 2 meds. While id love 2 hav a natural with this one the doc says no. But for me there is a plus. My mum lives in fl. I live in pa. She missd the birth of my son. But w a scheduled c she wont miss this one.

  11. brandie says

    You’re right that it should not be seen as an easier way but I think so many think it is. How sad it is that we live in a society where instant gratification is even interfering with the choices we make regarding our own and our unborn babies’ health. My sister-in-law did a scheduled c/s and her baby’s heart never closed up the way it should have. So now he’s going to need heart surgery. He also had to be on oxygen because his lungs weren’t functioning properly. He was in the hospital for a week.

  12. brandie says

    Are you serious?! What about the bond between mother and child? What about all the facts that show how the natural process releases hormones that are needed and all the other information about how natural is best? I think women who choose c/s are lazy and just don’t want to experience the pain. I think our society is really in a sad state! I guess you wouldn’t know the sence of pride after going through labor, the whole experience is spiritual. You sound so shallow and ignorant!

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  15. Em says

    When I have kids Ive always said Id want a C section. I would never want my yina torn open or torn down to my butt!!! I would also be mortified if I pooped on the table!! I would much rather just have a C and be in a pain a few weeks then go through that nasty stuff!!
    And hey if they could lipo while they C then there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! Id want that as well!!

  16. brandie says

    Wow, if I were you I’d DO SOME RESEARCH on the thought that nothing could go wrong with a c/s. Plus if you have a good midwife or even a good doctor they can stretch you as the baby is coming and you won’t tare. I had a c/s the first time because the pitocin the doctors and nurses had me on caused my baby to go into distress by brining on contractions which were too strong, too long and too frequent. If I had just stayed away from the hospital I believe my baby and my body would have done everything just right all in good time. I went with the c/s because I didn’t want my baby to have brain damage from an unnatural amount of contracting around his unborn head. As for natural birth being “nasty” as you put it… yes, it is a messy experience. I did a vbac at home with a midwife the second time around since hospitals here won’t do vbacs. The experience was allot of work and somewhat messy, I wouldn’t call it “nasty.” Your bowels usually clean themselves out before you go into labor anyway. This is the natural way and I feel that it is one of the greatest experiences that a woman can have. To me that’s one of the most special gifts of being a woman. After my c/s I felt a sence of inadequacy and failure as a woman, but after doing my research I found that it wasn’t me at all. I did a vbac and it was the greatest experience of my life. Don’t worry about embarrassment or trying to be ladylike with your manners. Anyone who would expect social graces during labor would not be someone to have around during the birth. This is yours and your baby’s experience that’s all that matters. Good luck. And if i can stress anything again it’s DO SOME RESEARCH! The book “Thinking woman’s guide to a better birth” is a good one.

  17. amybooters says

    I scheduled my c-section with my first (my son) because he was to big for me to deliver. I just knew it. My pelvic never opened and we would have had to have a emergency c-section anyway. My doctor was quiet impressed with my motherly instinct. As for my daughter, she had to be delivered c-section. i would do it all over again. Period. Yes, it hurts but my hips and pelvis are to small and would not open or spread. I just believe if you feel that a c-section is right, then you have that right to choose.

    Thanks and as always I love your website!!!

  18. ambo says

    i hated all my c-sections. i had pain for months after my third. who knows what the real situation was. these people only create illusions about themselves.

  19. Shannon says

    Oh good gawsh! I am writing a paper on medically unncessary c-sections right now. My prof asked me if anyone really had them just by choice. I almost laughed. Yup.

    Thanks for all the material, everyone. If I quote you, I will be sure to cite you as a source! 😎

  20. :P says

    i dunno about the US but in the UK you cant just go nto the hospital and say " i want a c section" my sister had twins and she didnt even get the choice of a section. but i suppose if you have the money you cant do what you want.

  21. Anonymous says

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  22. Anonymous says

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