Hilary And Haylie Duff At Club Hyde

Hilary Duff was spotted out at Club Hyde on Tuesday, or at least that’s what the captions for these photos said.But, I’m a little confused because she looks like she’s carrying shopping bags.Maybe she just didn’t have time to drop off her purchases at home before her night out on the town.I know some people will probably not be happy to see this pictures of sweet little Hilary out partying, but all I can say is, let’s just be happy she’s wearing pants and that we haven’t seen any of her lady bits.There are a few pics of Haylie Duff in the thumbnails as well.




  1. Anonymous says

    hilary can have fun sometimes!!shes not going out every night!!! Who can say they never went to club or doesnt like to have fun!! And yes it was her sis birthdays!! And Hilary looks great has always!! Love her style!!!!!!!!