Jessica Alba Promotes Birth Control

The accusation still ricochets . . . They think I’m a slut? Boys are awful. They are made of nothing but hormones until they’re about 20 or 21 . . . It’s fun to have a crush, but don’t think it’s forever . . . And use birth control and condoms, please.

Jessica Alba’s contribution to an upcoming book of essays by female celebrities entitled, If I’d Known Then. The beginning of the quote is about how she was ridiculed for having large breasts at a very early age.




  1. Anonymous says

    shut up alba!! ya like anyone wants to listen to your hypocritical advice!!!!
    so you say take bc and your knocked up? wtf?
    you need to shut the f up!! you stupid whore!
    and you were called a slut because you ARE a slut!!

  2. Jen says

    Do you think she says use condoms and bc because she got knocked up a few years ago, maybe when she was a teen? She bashes younger guys, so it makes me think they used her when she was growing up, and got knocked up and she is warning other young girls???

  3. sam says

    so basically she doesnt wanna be pregnant? i like her but shes so… negative. she really contradicts herself on pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth

  4. Kerry says

    She NEEDS to write a book on how to trap a MoFo… LOL!!

    Im sorry that was mean… Funny, but mean! :-)

  5. Anonymous says

    What a hypocrite, she is promoting bc because she thinks because she is preggo she is the only one allowed to be! what a selfish diva! Her body is naturally fat, look at all the weight she is gaining. YES I know she is preggo but if she was naturally as thin as she was pre-preggo she would still be skinny with a bump!! haha you fat slutty hog. i bet she slept with everyone in high school, even her teachers!!!

  6. hmm... says

    LOL, coco I was thinking the same thing. Pre-pregnancy her breasts were tiny. Could JA be more self-absorbed?!

  7. Cynthia says

    She has a weird body shape and long legs. Her navel is between her chest. She has no torso. Is it me but is she wearing pants!?