Jennifer Aniston And Jason Lewis Attend Pre-Oscar Bash Together

I wish we could just figure out who Jennifer Aniston is actually dating. It’s so confusing! I actually forgot about this rumor.
So Jennifer and Jason Lewis showed up around midnight to the Audi-hosted Miramax pre-Oscars bash. Now here is where the story gets a little fishy… a source saw Jennifer playing footsies with Jason. Footsies? What are we in the 8th grade? I don’t know, I don’t believe it.

Jennifer walked into the dinner just after midnight with Jason!” an insider tells Star. “They sat down on a couch together and tried hard not to look so into each other. But I could see her playing footsie with him. She kept rubbing her foot up his calf. It was obvious they were more than friends.”
The source adds, “Jen and Jason looked thrilled to be reunited.”




  1. missyfussy says

    Jeez laweez is that a recent picture of him? Does this guy get hawter or what!! dayum.

  2. SevenOver says

    "There are so many young starlets now …. and she is not one of them."

    Gawd, what the hell does THAT mean??? There really are men out there who prefer to have a WOMAN instead of a girl.

  3. Jules says

    Damn right! Go Jennifer. He is gorgous and so are you. One Hollywood beautiful woman that is not totally ruined by botox and plastic surgery.

  4. karla says

    Stop this shit about that Brad Pitt! Who cares about him or people around him,here we are talking for an individual who is single and can date or fall in love with whoever it wants! And the ones who are so worry about why or whohe left her,common who cares! people meet people ,fall in and out in love and life goes on,it has happen to many people and will keep on happening,it can happen even to the ones here writing about her "boring ass".

  5. Anonymous says

    orphan media whore!!!! Orphan need a second chance. How can you say things like that!!!! Children need love, and what if Angelina and Brad give the love they need!!! I dont care if they are celebs or not…im thinking about the chidldren first.

  6. Anonymous says

    KArla you can sH** **! You seems really good in talking shit about people you dont know. Youre a cold hearted. Orphans need a second chance to live in a loving family.

  7. MC says

    Jason is hot…maybe not as hot as 6 years ago during S&C but still hot! A damn fine choice after her last man. Too bad these hollywood types just date and marry amongst each other. It really is like a soap opera! Eventually everyone has dated everyone at some point! Yuck!

  8. Anonymous says

    you forgot to add that the "source" is star magazine. I doubt they were playing footsie and he is not cute.

  9. scarlett says

    She is going to have a hard time finding a man if she wants another handsome actor. There are so many young starlets now …. and she is not one of them.

  10. jaaz says

    She really does set high goals in the looks of her men!! she dates the most beautful men!!
    I think he is even a step up from Brad!
    and i do wish these tabs would leave her alone.

  11. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I wish she WAS/IS dating him. He is totally hot (except for this current facial hair that looks like sheet) and one of the only guys that is hotter than/as hot as Brad Pitt. And he is younger, too!

  12. Jan says

    If you think "playing footsies" is 8th grade, its obviously been a long time since you have been smitten with someone lol That is such a hot thing to do to the other person when you are out in public. Its showing affection but not being over the top about it. Nice and subtle, especially if you think no one else sees it.

  13. qqq says

    jason said to extra tv that he doesnt know jennifer aniston and his celeb crush is angelina.

  14. LL says

    Lies….Jason stated on extra that he never met her and that his friends were calling and making fun of him for being link to him.

    Grow up people….JA is still waiting for Brad to come back.

  15. Polvoestelar says

    Well #12

    #6 was stating FACTS, Jolie is all that, she is not lying… the truth STINGS!!!

    and NO… Brad was Cute/Gorgeous. great actor YES… good looking NO!!

    He lost his charm.. the Vampire sucked it all, she must have it in a vile around her neck.