Sanjaya Performs At Long Island Bat Mitzvah

I HAD to write this story for three reasons.
A) Newsday is covering it and I just did an interview with them!!! It should release on the 19th. So excited!!
B) Sanjaya is taking everything he’s learned on American Idol and is now performing at Bat Mitzvahs.
C) I needed a hair update on the boy.
So here he is, Sanjaya. The boy that everyone kept on American Idol just to mess up the rankings and voting process. It was fun wasn’t it? Well if you are in need of a little long lock love, you can actually hire him to perform at your child’s religious functions. Yes, Sanjaya is for hire. Last night he performed in my neck of the woods in Long Island and is photographed with the lucky girl whose daddy pulled some strings to make it all happened.
Oh and the hair stylist at NuBest wanted to give Sanjaya a mohawk for the event but his PR guy nixed it calling that style the “old Sanjaya” Oy Vey…




  1. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Am I just being grouchy if I say I am totally disappointed to see a "story" on this kid here? Ugh. Not what I come to INO for… :-(

  2. Anonymous says

    ewe he looks like a pedafile!!!! SO SCARY LOOKING!! ewe he/she (whatever it is) gives me the creeps!!

  3. Anonymous says

    ewe he looks like the child catcher on chitty chitty bang bang!! SO SCARY!!! I would NOT let my child within 1000 yards of that mutant!