Fact Or Fiction?

I just have to ask, do you think that Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are really an item? Or is this all one big press stunt? Or does Benji think it’s real and Paris has ulterior motives? I look at these two and it just seems fishy to me. Here they are arriving at SHU sushi restaurant holding hands.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I doubt that she would be in on 2 pranks. They already used her with her "guru." If they used her again then no one would ever believe anything she did was real. It would totally blow the cover of the whole show.

  2. hmm says

    she is usinghim bc she wants to take attention away from joel and nicole! she is a nasty witch who wants to copy nicole! im sure she is jelous nicole had a baby and she didnt do it first!
    paris is NO prize honey!

  3. Sally says

    Paris is jealous of Nicole getting all the attention, so this is her way to try to get her back.

  4. Anonymous says

    I strongly agree with this! i bet she is so jealous nicole calmed down and had a baby! she is probably thinking "i was supposed to have a baby FIRST" she acts like a baby is a fashion accessory!!
    im glad it seems like nicole has strayed away from that big ass sasquach!

  5. Anonymous says

    i KNOW!! she was like oh ill do this and that and do charity stuff and be a good role model! ya i dont think not working, sleeping with random men, and partying all of the time constitutes for anything good!!!
    she looks like an awkward slinky! her nose is so gross! she could probably use her nose to sword fight! HAHAHAHAHA!
    and she acts like miss pretty in pink princess~how old is she? approaching 30 in a few years~GROW THE F UP!