Ashlee Simpson In Jamaica

I see something fruity, frozen and topped with an umbrella! Ah… Jamaica. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz got a little R&R while hanging out at the pool of their resort. These two are really keeping it together which is nice to see. Click on the continue reading link below to see 3 more pictures of the happy couple, including one of Ashlee’s yellow bikini. I would never choose yellow. It would wash me out for sure. But Ashlee looks cute.





  1. lyss says

    i love that she is so different from her sister who reminds me of this really high maintenance person. Ashlee looks totally normal and fine with being the "unpopular" sis plus it doesnt look like her father runs her life which could say alot about her.

  2. Anonymous says

    he looks like little nicky from that movie little nicky with adam sandler!
    he looks scary as shi$!!!!
    she is ugly as shi^ too so I guess their ugliness cancles the others out!

  3. Kristina says

    I really don’t understand why people hate these two so much. I’m not a fan of either, but to be honest, they appear to actually love each other which is a lot more than most people can say and I think that is what is most important here. I agree with lyss, it’s obvious that she isn’t allowing her disturbing stage father to run her life, and to stand up for what you truly believe in despite your family shows great strength. I don’t see why people have to trash her looks because she looks like every other girl our age I know. In fact, she looks far better than most considering she isn’t obese and she actually bothers to clean up. How many girls in their early 20’s do you really know who don’t need to lose 20 pounds, actually commit themselves to someone completely and bother to get cleaned up? Out of all the girls I know on campus I can think of about three, and I only fit the first two requirements. She obviously has her head in the right place. If I had that kind of money I’d be spending quality time with my partner while I could too. Her job may seem fun, but it’s still a job and that alone makes it stressful, tiring and anything but fun. Besides, how much fun would you have if the entire world was not only watching you, but destructively criticizing? Grow up.

  4. Anonymous Chicka says

    I agree I think she looks a little doughy/flabby. She could lose a few pounds – not a bunch but 5-10.

  5. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    The yellow is awful. I really WANT to like her, but she looks like she smells worse than Matthew McConaughey. It is like she works really hard to make herself unappealing.

  6. shizzle says

    i am really surprised dirtly pervert papa joe was there!!
    he probably sleeps in the same bed as assssslee!
    her stomach is so nasty, she has NO HIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. gisela says

    celebrities taking vacations from what?…shopping, clubbing, sleeping, drugging, more shopping more clubbing. yeah…they do need a vacation.

  8. trinity says

    gisela, i agree.

    and its not like they go onece a year or every other year. ITS A COUPLE TIMES A YEAR. they obviously have fun jobs that are like a vacation in their own right. do they really need to go that much?

  9. jade says

    who cares if they go on vacation alot…wouldnt you if you had the time and money.
    and she looks cute…him im still undecided about :S