Blind Item

Whenever Ted Casablanca has some time, he always write up these long winded blind items. And you’d think with pages and pages to read, I would be able to figure it out. But alas, I am lost yet again. See below and tell me who you think he is talking about. Oh and it isn’t Renee Zellweger, Tilda Swinton, or Catherine Zeta Jones. But they are all Oscar winner’s for supporting actresses. Is that a clue?

Browhilda Frown-Free has just about everything a once desperately ambitious, unknown actress could desire: fame, wealth, notorious love, Academy Award notice, great bone structure, fab hair, free cosmetic procedures for the taking – “everything but the freedom to love the one she’s (really) with. Don’t worry though, babes, Brow’s been down this fake-amour alley before. She’s a friggin’ pro at navigating the affectionless twists and turns of the overly photographed.
Howev, BFF’s latest man experience – “heady as it all may be – “has become slightly more than Browhilda’s used to, what with her past liaisons of coolly arranged get-togethers. You know the age-old ersatz Hollywood plan: A couple goes out for a red carpet whatever; then they go in for separate, much more private dalliances with their same-sex partners. Brow’s had this setup with almost every man she’s hooked up with before.
But Ms. F.F.’s latest dude – “who’s more than happy to bed every slobbering femme he can find – “has turned out to be far messier than Brow-babe would prefer. Not only does he womanize with indiscretion, he’s stupidly starting to make a loud and rather visible stink about Brow’s increased devotion to her current g-f. How does that Shakespearean saying go? Oh what a tangled guy web we weave, when at first we hetero deceive? Watch out, Brow, we be onto ya!

OK – so who is dating someone who is a playboy? And might potentially be gay? Here are the last few supporting actress winners:

  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Rachel Weisz
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Jennifer Connelley
  • Marcia Gay Harden
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Judi Dench
  • Kim Basinger

It can’t be any of those…can it?




  1. Leah B says

    What about Brooke Shields? Lots of brows & botox! Not sure about an Oscar though…just a thought

  2. cary says

    I think its Jessica Biel. She had her moment with the Oscar – nominated movie The illusionist. Slapping that journalists butt that year on the red carpet. She just seems so butch to me. She is ofcourse dating Timberlake who is known for cheating on his girlfriends.

  3. LJR says

    I was thinking Nicole Kidman too. Although I cannot really see her with another woman, she was in the film Eyes Wide Shut which I would never have pictured her in either. Maybe she likes a threesome or maybe a little womans touch every now and again, who knows. But people would always comment on her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair and the curls. Every awards red carpet in the last 10 years always commented on her hair. I could see Keith Urban being with a lot of women, I think a few of them have come forward, not that they should be trusted, but you never know!

    Plus, on other blogs everybody talks about how her face is plastic and she does a lot of botox.

  4. jessi says

    Not only does he womanize with indiscretion, he’s stupidly starting to make a loud and rather visible stink about Brow’s increased devotion to her current g-f

    which guy fit that descprition? I cant think of any myself, but I definitly dont see it being nicole kidman.

    my thought was maybe kate hudson: super smiley, great bone structure, great hair, fame, wealth, notorious love, oscar nom. for supporting actress (almost famous) but has any guy shes been with made a stink about any of her girl friends?

    im stumped

    on a side note i agree with brokenugly. this is a great site and unlike others its fun and not mean and nasty. its the only gosspip website i let my little cousin see (shes adddicted to the gossip rags i still get cos the subscriptions havnt run out yet) ..the web is way better tho, free and up to date dailey

  5. Anonymous says

    Not Penelope, not one for having a lot of plasitc surgery and her boyfriends have all been faithfull and they have lived together (Matthew and Tom).

    Not Reese, again the plastic surgery, the husband, Jake G is not a womanizer.

    Not Tilda Swinton, every one knows about her live in boy toy and her stay at home husband. She also does not have great bone stucture or great hair.

    Not Nicole Kidman, she used to have great hair, but not anymore.

    Not Catherine Zeta, long term relationship. Very natural looking plastic surgery (if any, I think she depends more on makeup than surgery).

    This girl sounds like she is supposed to be beautiful and she has to be old enough to have a well known and respected career and surgery. Must be dating a womanizer with a loud mouth. Maybe Rene.

  6. Phoebe says

    Definitely Penelope Cruz. She does cosmetic and hair commercials, and was pretty unknown before the Tom Cruise fixup.

  7. Joy says

    What about Tilda Swinton?? Tilda sounds like browhilda. Ive heard in the past she has an open relationship.

  8. maria says

    at first i thought it was nicole kidman b/c of the frown free description, but then i thought otherwise. it has to be someone who has had a lot of botox.

  9. Stating the Obvious says

    This is Nicole Kidman. The blind item does not give the marital status of this supporting Oscar winner. This IS her latest guy, and, as we all know, her last husband is questionable, if not just a tad light in his "out of this world" slippers.

  10. lesley says

    my first thought was nicole kidman too
    I have always thought that Tom has something over her, something that she doesnt want to get out. Maybe this is it.
    She has said in interviews that her kids are Scientologists and she isnt happy about it and that they are in LA, it doesnt seem like she sees them much.

    or renee zelwegger.
    who knows
    Happy easter