Vanessa Williams & Kids Leaving Church

Here’s the always flawlessly beautiful Vanessa Williams and her four kids leaving, “The Good Shepard Catholic Church” in Beverly Hills for Easter Sunday. I adore Vanessa’s dress. It actually reminds me a bit of an Emilio Pucci print scarf. I’d be too scared to wear it, but I think it’s perfect for Vanessa.

vanessa williams leaving church on easter sunday 2 vanessa williams leaving church on easter sunday 3 vanessa williams leaving church on easter sunday 1

Bauer Griffin


  1. Anonymous says

    I think she always looks her best and God don’t care what you wear just that your there.

  2. Passerby says

    Whatever.. it,s only church. She came, that’s the important things about that . I don’t think that God is looking at what you’re weraing. Vanessa Williams is so pretty. She’s a good actress too.When I saw she was on Ugly Betty, i taugh they take her because she’s pretty, but i was totally wrong. She also has a good style. I saw pictures of her, her dress was always perfect. She’s a fashion icon now

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