Vanessa Minnillo And Nick Lachey At Katsuya

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey were spotted out dining at Katsuya…same place we saw Lindsay Lohan yesterday.All celebs seems to dine at the same spots over and over and over again.How boring!Although I know both Nick and Jessica have moved on to new relationships and I’m happy for both of them, whenever I see him, I can’t help but think of her.It’s just a knee jerk reaction from watching too much Newlyweds :)





  1. Bpop says

    Blah nick sees something which we dont know about vanessa for them to be together all this time. Otherwise nick and jessica looked good but they seemed to have a different life style. Nick is a low key and jess loves the lime light. I bet nick does not care about vanessa status either C or D lister, he is above fame but just a normal guy

  2. Anonymous says

    i dont know where my comment went. Any way Blah, i think nick sees vanessa what we dont see for them to be together for this long. Also i think Nick does not care if Vanessa is a D list or A list, he seems to be above FAME and Money. I loved nick and jessica soo but they seemed to have different lifestyle. Jessica love lime light while nick is a low key. What i wish jess and nick is happiness if that what makes them happy.

  3. Me says

    #15, Nick is as Hollywood as Jessica or anyone else in the business. He loves all the FAME and MONEY and Vanessa is desperate for it but nobody is really interested in her. The low-key thing is an act. He lives the high lifestyle, too.

  4. Anonymous says

    I think Jessica and Nick are ment to be TOGETHER. They will find their way back to eachother eventually. No doubt about it. Vanessa is just there to make the time go by faster until that happens. sucks to be her haha. Jessica and Nick are beautiful together and they always will be. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  5. Lilly says

    I know what you mean about Jessica. I still miss them together. Oh well…I am a hopeless romantic! :)

  6. Em says

    I know! I loved him and Jessica together they were too cute!!
    I have a feeling her dad messed up that relationship!
    i dont think i care for vanessa too much!

  7. Friendsfirst says

    yeah…they were cute…vanessa and him, not so much…I think she is secretly skank or something…whatever. YAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!!!