Giada De Laurentiis Had A Baby Girl

We don’t talk about chefs enough here on INO and I should because the Food Network doesn’t get turned off while my little ones are napping or preoccupied. I may never make duck al orange, but I should at least know how right?! Giada De Laurentiis, one of my favorites, had her baby girl! How wonderful for her and her family.

De Laurentiis and husband Todd Thompson welcomed their first child, a healthy baby girl, on Saturday March 29 in Los Angeles,” her rep tells PEOPLE. “Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson weighed in at 5lbs, 13oz.”

I wonder how this is going to affect all her traveling shows. Rachael Ray does all 12 of them with no problem because she has no children. Will Giada redo her schedule?
UPDATE: Here are the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Patricia!




  1. Sonia Alvarez says


    Congratulations! I am a mother of six children, a real estate broker, and recent college graduate with a love for food. I have always admired you and enjoy your shows. Please do no be discouraged by the comments and comparisions. Many mothers, such as myself, have been blessed with a successful career and many children. I have handled it all. Trust me when I say, it get easier! The first is always challenging. I am fortunate that I am able to take my children to work with me. The ability to do this has not only enhanced my children’s education,but has brought us closer.

    I can do it with six and I am certain that you can too!

  2. Laura--Florida says

    You should probably all get a life, as Giada surely has, and could most likely give two sh*** about what you all think of her. She has more money and success than all of you put together. Like she cares what you all think. I think she does what she loves and there is not much more to worry about besides that.

  3. Annette Marzano says

    I am a huge fan of Giada. I tried some of her recipes and they were
    delicious. I am happy for her and her husband. I am Italian and did
    not know that Jade is American for Giada.Thanks for the info.

  4. Marilyn says

    I am so happy for Giada, Todd and Jade. If you do not like Giada, why did you even get on this site in the frist place. Also Rachael Ray is not fat, she has curves and looks good. Congratulate and thank you for shareing your good news. I am shore she is very pretty.

  5. gaiadas nuber #1 fan says

    Giada I am a 11 year old girl in eastern kentucky and i justb wanted to say that your my inspiration and i wish your new family the best.

  6. Gloria says

    I think giada is the her receipes and wish her the best in all of her choices in life. best of luck and congratualtions;

  7. chick habit says

    She named her kid Jade? Total stripper name. Why do parents insist on giving their infant daughters names like this? Way to sentence her to a life of dancing on a pole.

  8. Amy says

    Giada is Jade in italian. Altho, you might have known that since you are italian. She weighed in at a little less than her mother(just kidding).

  9. Jan says

    That was fast ! I cant believe we didnt see any preggo shots of her. I figured she would rival Salma in the chest dept lol

  10. gia says

    by the looks of the first pic she had a c-section…i wonder if it was necessary…i cant stand how celebs elect to have c-sections when they dont have too.

  11. Anonymous says

    only 5 lbs??? wow…lets hope she doesnt end up with the same nose her mom has. or the attitude!