Alicia Keys To Marry This Summer

Grain of salt time folks…
Alicia Keys and Kerry Brothers are planning a wedding for this summer in NY’s Oheka Castle. Oheka is on Long Island and is BEAUTIFUL.Hubby and I are always saying we need a date night there… not that it happens. But we say it. Alicia chose July 4th weekend for the ceremony and rumor is the bosses over at the castle have confirmed a wedding is booked during that time (just not who).
Keys and Brothers have never spoken openly about their relationship. They have been songwriting partners for years, co-owning the KrucialKeys production company and New York’s Oven Recording Studios. A representative for the R&B star has yet to confirm or deny the wedding reports.
Bauer Griffin




  1. Passerby says

    Krucial is HOTT im not jealous of her though he aint that cute ugh…she isn’t gay thats like saying prince is gay geez…and if u wanna call her reckless u betta say Wreckless A.Keyz ztyle…all ya saying bad things r HATERZ!!!

  2. says

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  3. latisa says

    hi i want to tell you hi and good luck on the baby way congrats!. and wish you a good marrige love alays keiariah9

  4. Brian says

    If you look up kerry brothers which is a rap group you can see a picture of him, He is chubby and bald. He is one of her producers.

  5. haha says

    hmmmm… maybe the government is the cause of the rumor to cover up the fact that she is a lesbian.

    i bet alicia would agree with that one.

  6. Passerby says

    If he makes her happy, then I’m happy for her but I can’t help thinking maybe her soul mate is still out there?! I’m not saying who but someone who she has awesome chemistry with and gushes everytime she talks about him. I hope she isn’t going through the Maria Carey phase where she married her manager that Tommy Matola guy (I think that’s his name) but realized she was grateful to him and admired him but wasn’t in LOVE with him.

  7. cheerilicious says

    I am sorry for the poor guy, she is really reckless. Her name has been associated with too many rumors. She needs to settle down, she sleeps with every and anybody