Tori Spelling Won’t Stop Cursing In Front Of Her Son

Interesting. Tori Spelling has said that she won’t stop using bad words in front of her son. Liam is one so he’s old enough to start picking things up…I wonder what his first words were, hahaha 😛

“I’m kind of a little girl potty mouth because I say it with such vulnerability. I don’t have to censor myself in front of my son, it’s not that bad.”

I know some people that are very strict about language, and then on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are the youtube videos of kids (slightly NSFW) cursing like sailors. Everybody has their own approach to parenting. What are your thoughts on swearing in front of the little ones.




  1. karla says

    could any one explain me why something like-fuck,shit,butt or even God is consider a swear words!? We all fuck,we all shit,we all have butts and we all want to believe in God,so??????

  2. gavintiegirl says

    Oh and BTW….I freakin LOVE Tori Spelling and I wish people would stop bashing her. Sure her boobs are fake but she is so cool, her husband is a fox and they are a blast to watch. I think she is going to make a great mom (again) cursing and all.

    Perhaps I am bias since I grew up watching 90210 and love the entire group from the show. They were like my family for many years. Talk about OBSESSED!

  3. okay... says

    I know that kids grow up and say what they will-I just wish it could be delayed a bit. I hate to hear little ones swear-

  4. Julie says

    See?? I *said* she was disgusting. And totally delusional. So she says the words with vulnerability? Pahleeze…

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  7. Melissa says

    I am 29 years old and I have STILL never heard my parents curse. They are kind of extreme though…they say "bottom" instead of "butt" and they never say "oh crap" or "that sucks" they consider those to be curse words too!!!

  8. says

    I cannot even read this site right now because of the obnoxious Kimora Lee Simmons on the side of it!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!! bye bye imnotobsessed….for now.

  9. Jackon says

    Kids learn by their parents examples.

    My friends 2 year old learned how to say Shut The F Up.

    Tori is white trash and she needs to wear a bra before her horrible implants get saggier!

  10. Hope says

    The only time I have sweared in front of my children is when we almost get in accidents by bad drivers.

  11. okay... says

    "because I say it with such vulnerability"
    excuse me? what is that even supposed to mean? Does she curse in a baby voice?

  12. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    My three year old the other day hurt himself and said "Sh*t, Oops, I mean darn".
    I almost died!!!!

    I do NOT approve of profanity in front of kids. They learn from example… She says as she hangs her head in shame…. :-(

  13. gerard Vandenberg says

    The walking spelling-MONGOL on jesus-sandals is hitting the streets again!!