I Met Jason Lewis And Saw Dita Von Teese Perform

BEST NIGHT EVER. I have so many videos and pictures to upload that I don’t even know where to begin. Thank goodness for Twitter because I was updating the whole night through my phone. I LOVE that tool!I was invited to cover “Be Cointreauversial” with Dita Von Teese and what a night it was. She hosted a party to celebrate French liqueur Cointreau and launched her new cocktail The Cointreau Teese. In honor of it all, she debuted her new burlesque performance at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. Bear with me on this one. There is a lot to cover!(Here we are testing the camera and freaking out.)FIRST I have to tell you about the press line. There were five of us. Are you ready to hear who was there? People Magazine, In Touch Magazine, Ok! Magazine, Vanity Fair (online) and ME! We were all talking and I couldn’t believe I got thrown in that mix. I had a little complex about it to be honest with you. But then I just let it all go and had fun with the group. (Thanks to Yaa for the press invite.)The photo area was TIGHT and the press pit was jam packed. So I decided to not try to get entrance photos and to just focus on the actual interview area with the rest of the magazines. Everyone was VERY nice and approachable. My best friend Jennifer (who writes for FitCeleb) came with me 9 months pregnant and was a trooper. She took care of all the video footage.

jason lewis dita von teese1

Basically, here is a quick run down of what Dita Von Teese said:

  • She is happily in love at the moment but is keeping it private.
  • She has no specific type in men and has always jumped from different personalities.
  • As far as SPF goes, nothing specific. She just puts on what ever woman should.
  • Dita would consider doing her own makeup line. But not right now as she is focusing on her work with MAC.
  • The costume she wears on stage is 70 pounds!
jason lewis dita von teese2

Then MR JASON LEWIS came in and I fell on the floor. S-E-X-Y. I swallowed my wedding rings and fixed my hair. Here is a quick rundown of his interview:

  • No truth whatsoever to the Jennifer Aniston rumor! I was SHOCKED. I thought there was something there – guess not.
  • When asked if he would date Kim, he said that she is his type, but that she is taken.Politically correct answer.
  • Look out for him on House. He plays a sick man and had a blast doing it.
  • He is up for a second SATC movie so perhaps he isn’t the one who dies.

Now onto the performance. Unbelievable. At first I was thinking, “What’s the big deal?”. But then she made her way into the enlarged martini glass and started to splash around and I had to take my jacket off. It was really sensual. The crowd was going nuts! What an experience. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures during the performance. So I will look out to see if one of the agencies I use has them and post them when I get the rights to do so.More pictures tomorrow!!UPDATE: Here is the link to more pictures of Dita Von Teese and Jason Lewis! I also added a video on her performance. Lots to see.




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  2. testguy says

    This would be the part where the fairy godmother pops out of nowhere and turns everything into pumpkins, or something like that…

  3. Melly J says

    Vera – you were very brave to pose next to a guy who’s prettier than any woman! You go guuurl!

  4. Rebecca says

    Hey! You look great.. you know sometimes how ppl look so stupid when they take their photos with a celeb lol.
    congrats on meeting the absolut hunk! lol