James Blunt Needs Emergency Finger Operation

Fans went crazy at a concert in North Carolina and mobbed James Blunt. Now he needs to get an emergency surgery on his finger! James talked about how the incident happened, saying,

“I jumped off stage at the end of the gig and was chased by women, and even some men, in the crowd. I started running and the next thing I knew I had broken my finger. It was a funny moment being chased, but when I got back on stage it was nerve-racking looking down and realising the finger was pointing the wrong way. Upon reflection, it was dumb to jump into the crowd but in a way it was my own fault. I had leather-soled shoes on and just slipped.”

The doctors are going to have to reset the finger before putting it in plaster.

“I need it to be right but the idea of having them take a hammer and smash my finger into two isn’t so thrilling.”

And James can’t get the finger fixed right away because he’s on tour. So he’s waiting for a gap in his schedule, and for now a friend is filling in on the piano for him. But the singer/songwriter is anxious to get better.

“I need it fixed. I need all my fingers to work properly. Not just for performing but for partying.”

ONTD, Bauer Griffin




  1. Anonymous says

    i james im 18 i like the songs they are fomre yout hart and are very reail when u coming out with some new songs :)