Shia LaBeouf At Coachella

Ability_Shia_Labeouf_3 2

Look at the ladies man, all alone sunbathing. Poor guy looks like he needs some company….any takers? 😛 Shia LaBeouf rocked an Andy Warhol t-shirt, and then better yet, no shirt, on the 3rd day of Coachella. Sexy!!!Ability Films




  1. Undercover Lover says

    He’s sexy. Looks a completly different person from the Even Stevens days. I love that show. Hilarious. I’d fuck him.

  2. angelique says

    Shia tu est quelqu’un de rare, d’unique
    Un petit poeme pour toi
    «J’aimerai êtu reNE LArme
    pour nAÃŽtre dans t’es yeux
    vIvre sur ta joue
    et mourir sur tes lèvres “