Update On Miley Cyrus / Vanity Fair Pictures Scandal

There is a lot still going on and both sides aren’t too happy about it. Click here to see a bunch of pictures Vanity Fair posted online to show that the Cyrus family was completely involved in the shoot. The Huffington Post chimed in with quotes from Jamie Lee Curtis regarding the “topless” shots as she had a similar issue. Christian groups are angry and want Disney to do something about Miley. Annie L came out with a quote of her own defending her work.

“I’m sorry that my portrait of Miley has been misinterpreted,” says Leibovitz in a statement issued Monday. “Miley and I looked at fashion photographs together and we discussed the picture in that context before we shot it. The photograph is a simple, classic portrait, shot with very little makeup, and I think it is very beautiful.”

And lastly, the ladies of The View each gave their opinion on the matter. This thing just won’t die will it?




  1. ILovemeee says

    OMG i can’t belive her ….

    shes meant to be a role modal but shes actualy a SLUTT!
    im sorry to say that but she made herself one!
    i use to like her but know i cant even look at her ! :(

    • jjharvey says

      i cant believe you would post this on the internet. it is not about what this young girl did. it is about the way people take it, and you to call names are the one who should be in the spot light. there are a lot of people who do worse yet the stars get pictures taken cause they are stars. you should be a better person and want to help this young lady go back on track. shame on you people who want to write things that are hurtful

  2. Passerby says

    dnt fkcin delete the word
    SLUTTT becasue she is 1!!!!!!!
    diee die bitch dieeeeeeeee

    keep away from my bf joe (jonasbrothaaas)


  3. Passerby says

    Yeah, so what. She looks like a girl trying to look sexy. Have you looked at our young girls today? They dress suggestively, just going to school.
    We’re just seeing Miley’s back. It looks like she’d have to gain a little weight to look sexy.

  4. Az says

    You’re right. The father is right there. He should have some sense while posing with his daughter like that and also for all this shame.

  5. Anonymous says

    Miley Cyrus should be kicked off Disney Channel. She has no talent and this is pushing it way to far. What kind of 15 year old girl takes a public photo under bed sheets? Talk about a slut. We’re looking at the next Brittney Spears here, people. Be cautious, be very cautious.

  6. britney spears says

    Oh my gosh! ok I don’t think it’s artistic and all that crap! I think it’s pretty ugly

    1. She needs to act her age
    2. She admits she was wrong so get over it
    3. she made a mistake, no one’s perfect
    4. you don’t take pictures in a sheet [artistic or not]
    5. I’m pretty neutral so whatever.

  7. says

    Mylie is a beautiful young girl,she should not be doing photo shoots like this.
    My little sister is just 4 yrs old and she eaven said that its wrong.Mylie is still a child,but she needs to think.Her father may or may not have a problem with it but i know alot of parents do.I do think that some people are going to crazy about this,but if people do make a fus about this Mylie will think its ok.
    why her father or mother let her do it is byonde me,but she is throuing her carrier down the drain just when it gets big.

  8. Selina says

    Okay, so i think most of the above statements (except a few) are inaccurate.

    For starters, it is not Miley that should be attacked. She’s a 15yr old girl—-as far as im concerned she is still a child; therefore, any irresponsibility should fall directly on her parents.

    Secondly, the picture is WAYY too promiscuous for a girl her age. I mean, that backless picture is far from artistic. It is the classic shot of the naked WOMAN under white sheets and wearing red lipstick. I stress the word “woman” because that is an image (whether we like it or not) that pop culture has en-grained in our heads.

    The fact that so many people are defending it does not say much about where we are headed in society. Since when has it been acceptable for a minor to pose almost nude on a magazine such as Vanity Fair in such a suggesting manner? And people wonder why there are so many Pedophiles in the world today???

    Miley should not be the person attacked for this. In fact, she is the victim. That being said, she is also seen as a role model for many YOUNGER girls (and i stress the word “younger” because girls less than 15 look up to her). A child knows no better, so if they take someone like Miley as an example of a beautiful young girl that they want to be like, what makes you think the won’t imitate her and act more promiscuously (wearing the sexy-vixen red lipstick is one of those acts).

    The point is, society needs to check itself and stop victimizing the youth. It’s so sad how young people loose their innocence so quickly because they are forced by the media to grow up so fast.

  9. omg says

    What is the problem with these pictures? OK, Miley is just a little girl, I admit. But what bad will now happen in the world? I mean, in which way the world is now a worse place than before those pictures? I just cannot understand you hysterical people whose world collapses everyday. Today because of Miley’s pictures, tomorrow because of some other “scandal”. OMG, those pictures are fully harmless although they are taken of a 15-year-old little girl. Somewhat sexy pictures perhaps but so what?

  10. charlotte says

    I can see how people are taking this the wrong way but i dont think theres anything wrong with it at all… its an artistic photoshoot.. i have seen young models with agencies in London and they do worse than this.. which is wrong.. but this is tastefull and i think its just an artistic photo for a magazine which is fine.

    And some people really need to give the girl a break.. shes just a young girl who is a great actress.. and i dont think anyone can really judge her..
    keep your bad opinions to yourself.

  11. ........ says

    omg idk why ya’ll are making such a big deal out of this its not like she is turning into brittany spears! ok so she messed up its no big deal

    1. she is very famous but only fifteen

    2. although she said she wouldn’t we all new this day would come

    3 she is only fifteen and she was innocently doing it for a magazine shoot

    you ppl are acting like she was completly naked! ots just a bead sheet and if reese witherspoon had done the same thing then noone would’ve said anything!!! and sure miley is fifteen and reese witherspoon is a whole lot older but they are still famous actresses with pretty clean reputations and i am sure miley feels bad enough already about it so give her a break!!!!

  12. says

    i dont agree with the pics but i think some of u need 2 relax the world isnt goin 2 end i dont she is goin 2 be the next britany spears its just media she wants her fame but at the same time be a normal girl she admitted she was wrong hive her a break sh is still only 15 teen tryin 2 grow up in this crazy world we r in plus ive seen worse girls 15 taken nude pics of them selves miley its ok im still ur fan

  13. Wind says

    Ok kids. First of all her Father was at the photo shoot. HE is the one that let. SHE is underage and it is HIS job to protect her which he clearly failed to do. How many of you would have said no if you were that young, that famous, that pretty and were getting that much attention?
    Get over it and grow up!

  14. skitzo says

    this is bs. ppl are making a big deal about tht?! omg its her back! its not like she’s completely nude!!

  15. Celeste says

    I think that it is a shame that everyone would make a big deal about her photos all because kids look up to her! The way I see it is there is a huge problem if your kids are looking up to a 15year old…instead they should be looking to you as the parent as their role model and for guidance.

  16. says

    It appears a ploy to gain more attention. The photos are silly and by her saying she is so “ashamed” makes others with more revealing pics look worse so she gains again.

    I think the more troubling picture is the one where she is lounging across her father. Now that is disturbing…

  17. neva says

    i dont see anything wrong with these pics of her because it is just the way that you all are looking at them. because you dont know why she picked to take those pics ,would you turn down a job…….NO……….so leave her alone. the only reason you all are calling her gross is because you are looking at them in a gross way. what if it were your child up there and people were calling them bad names……… you would probably cry or get mad too.she is only 15 she is going to make mistakes in her life nobody is perfect and that is what u people need to understand just because you seen those pics dont mean she is doing anything bad with her dad or anything her photographer said that she thought those pics were pretty and nice …………….. she is only showing her back in them pics so give her a break………i love her besides i dont think she has done anything bad.

  18. Passerby says

    give her a break she’s a girl becoming a woman who really cares we have all been there .

  19. Passerby says

    people who are upset about this are to old to remember when they where fifteen and knew they where not an “innocent little kid” . Your not a baby at 15. I’ve known some people at 15 who where more intelligent than those at 25. IT’S JUST A PHOTO*, I think miley can make her own decisions. American culture needs to get over itself.*

  20. Passerby says

    Miley cyrus is not a bad girl but i have to admit, she has had a few bumps on the road. she is becoming a woman and she has to make her own mistakes. the bottom line is… she is only 15 and these photos should not have been tooken this way, i respect her for saying she made a mistake. anyway, its not like she posed nude, you people need to get a life and stop judging others. only god can judge.

  21. alyssa says

    i now you might have seen my name before about i think selena should be the new miley but i was thinking about she is just a kid like me she is five years older than me i saw on the et that she made more money than oprah all celebrites and her concert tickets sold as much elevis did and then they are going to put selena gomez on not that she is bad i think she is talneted she is the only person from disney that gave disney the most money and they wanna replace her i want everyone to read this email an belive it

  22. Anonymous says

    Yes, get a life, compared to those kind of people who sit on their computer and write down things defending Miley’s bad mistake. The idiots who think she did nothing wrong, this is for you.

  23. Anonymous says

    I agree with you, most people here are trying to make it sound as innocent as possible. They say meaningless things that don’t make any sense.

  24. Anonymous says

    It changes the world, because, the next generation believes that that’s what you need to do to be beautiful. She set a bad example, the picture shows many bad messages. And if I don’t want my little sister doing that when she’s older well then I’m so hysterical, I could be a comedian.

  25. Anonymous says

    first off, i won’t keep my “bad” (*coughs* accurate) opinions to myself! you for one have no judge in what anyone else says so stop saying crap like that! second off, “a great actress” she is not! she sucks! so she can sing (wich i for one thinks sounds manly anyways), but so what! that doesn’t ezcuse her fromacting like a stupid celebrity!

  26. Anonymous says

    Great Actress! She sucks more than a vacuum! She sucks AND she blows! She blows like the wind in the Fall! She is pathetic! I don’t think I would EVER make her a Oscar-nominnee. Much less even make her an actress. This is NOT artistic. She looks like a naked hoochie. She looks UGLY. She looks SO ugly, she looks like she fell out of the ugly tree, and hit every branch down. I can express my opinion if I want, you can’t stop me. Technically, I can judge her, but like they say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Thankfully, she’s not a book. But even so she has done a BUNCH of things wrong. Art is (according to Merriam Webster) “skill acquired by experience, study, or observation” I’m pretty sure you’re not a photographer OR you draw. I have in fact studied texture, what colors go with what, composition. Plus, for an observer, you suck (not as much as Miley though).

  27. Anonymous says

    she is turning into another Britany Spears. shes following her footsteps pretty exactly 2, although britany started later in life…….. and it is a big deal! she’s setting a bad example, my little sister sees her doing this and whats she going to think? she loves hannah montana! and frankly it isn’t only hannah montana, its disney channel lately, i mean they have people like Miley Cyrus, Vannesa hudgens, Zac Efron, and other ego-maniacs and bad influences! i’m not going to give her a break! until she changes her attitude she’s not getting any sympathy! if reese witherspoo had done it, ib wouldn’t respect her the same either. second off, miley has a worse reputation than reese! She is turning into Britney Spears even more and more! Except something separates them. Miley started doing this stuff at like 14. Britney did it later in life, what is that saying about her. “ok so she messed up” exactly! I agree with you on that! Not everyone’s messed up. But you just said yourself that she was messed up, I agree with you on that. Make up your minds! Is she to young to be attacked like this or is she old enough to be doing this kind of stuff. If she’s so famous, then why is she disrupting everything that she worked hard to get. Actually, I bet she didn’t have to work that hard for it. Your second reason makes no sense! You just put down you idea! You not very good at this kind of stuff. Innocent! that’s not innocent. That’s stupid. If it was peer pressure, then why didn’t she just say no like you and I (the song “I’m Just Like You” anyone?). I’m sure she wasn’t forced to do that. Your statement are highly inaccurate. You need to do your research. It was implied in the picture that she just got out of bed naked, that leaves one question…with who? I’m sure she doesn’t sleep naked (if she does, that’s gross). Actually I would have said something if Reese Witherspoon had done it AND make all those other mistakes, but here it is….she didn’t. Reese Witherspoon can act, where as Miley only got the job because she could sing. She no longer say that she has a good reputation. Not even a decent reputation. I like Reese Witherspoon. Miley is a little girl that thinks she’s all that. And I’m sure if she actually felt bad about it she would have said sorry, not lied to make it seem like she didn’t do it. She wouldn’t give a care if we wrote a bunch of things on here about her. That’s what ticks me off.

  28. Anonymous says

    Suck-up. There’s a 99% chance that she will become the next Britney Spears. But of course “She’s One in a Million”. That only means that there’s like 6,000 other people JUST like her. Which is sad that so many suffer the same attitude as her. We never said that the world’s going to end. I’m saying that she set a bad example to hundreds of kids. And it’s NOT the media. Hello! Common sense not to pose topless! Unless of course you think that’s cool, and that’s the road to take when you want to beautiful. Of course, is she really beautiful under all that makeup? When did she admit she was wrong? She wants to party and not care. She wants to be normal!? I think you’re getting TV Miley mixed up with real Miley. Give her a break! It’s not like she cares! Now tell me, were any of these nude pictures taken by America’s Sweetheart? I’m growing up in this “crazy” world, and I don’t take pictures topless.

  29. Anonymous says

    It’s not the media that’s making her grow up so fast, it’s her trying to make herself grow up so fast. She doesn’t want to be seen as a “pop princess”, so she’s pulling these scandals. Other than that, I agree with you.

  30. Anonymous says

    I’m not a kid. We aren’t saying her father didn’t have anything to do with it, we’re simply putting out the fact that it wasn’t ALL his fault. He let her do it, and that’s what gets me, what parent does that? He failed, but it wasn’t all his fault. I would have said no, she doesn’t have enough common sense to add that up in her head? If my little sister’s was famous, pretty, and getting that much attention, she would have chosen the right, answer, and that’s comparing her to a 6-year-old. Get over yourself, and stop thinking you’re the final authority on this. You don’t know what you are talking about, just stick to whatever you were good at (that is if you were good at anything).

  31. Anonymous says

    Passerby is right. Would you pose topless? And it you would, you are just as gross as her.

  32. Anonymous says

    Kids look up to her because she has (had) the life that they want. Most children look up to a celebrity as there hero, instead of there parents. When she does this it’s setting a bad example. And it’s not a shame, it’s life.

  33. Anonymous says

    It’s not the way we’re looking at them, it’s the way she’s sending these negative messages. I would turn down that job, she simply is a…flirt. Spending her time being stupid and flirtatious. This job would easily be turned down by many people. I could name pllenty of people. Wintson Churchill once said “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

  34. Anonymous says

    How do you NOT look at them in a gross way, they were permiscuous, ugly, and unnecessary. Her father let her do whatever she wants. He let her go to that photoshoot, and do whatever she wants. Her father was partially the fault for this. I can take insults, knowing that I can say something back, that just proves she’s weak. We all make mistakes, but how we handle them is the thing. She didn’t care what everyone thought when they siad things about her. Her father was in it too. You need to understand that we’re not all idiots like you that probably only like her BECAUSE of those pictures. She made a mistake, and she didn’t handle it in the right way. She set a bad example. You can be her follower or defender, but you’re probably just a sleazy girl with a computer. She DID do something bad, it seems no one can get that through their head. You must have been moving, because there’s not much left upstairs. It WAS parially her dad’s fault as well. They look bad, she looks as far from pretty in those pictures as possible. They are not artistic, they are ugly and “offensive at sight.” And Nice! They were not nice. She looks like a girl that is flirtatious and gross. You can defend her all you want, but that’s not going to change what she did. The MESSAGE is the problem, plus, would you take a picture topless?! You “love” her BECAUSE of the pictures! You are an idiot. I will be refractory, I know what I know, and I do research, you’re just a girl that wants to be famous.

  35. Anonymous says

    I’m pretty sure I’ve never “been there”, I haven’t posed topless before. She is NOT becoming a woman. First you have to understand it, she just wants to become a woman to get the different image. Not like she cares anyway. She’s a dirty little flirt, and I have no respect for her (or you).

  36. Anonymous says

    My sister’s 17, and she hasn’t dated anyone. Heck, my other sister’s 23 and she hasn’t dated either. Miley Cyrus shouldn’t have done this no matter WHAT. Most people that grow up in a disciplined home are innocent. My sister’s friend is 17 and she doesn’t know the song “Low”. She doesn’t know a lot of songs that you and I know. I thought you just said she was a little “GIRL growing into a woman”. You are a hypocrite. Who do you know that at 15 who where more intelligent than those at 25? You? You’re not even smarter than I was in 1st grade. YOU’RE JUST AN IDIOT. You need to get over yourself, you are a fauxbo that saw the picture and probably went “Hey, this girl is beautiful [with all that crap on her face] that’s what I need. Let’s defend her!” But the only thing is, you need to understand more things, and get over yourself, the problem is it it would take forever for you to think about anything, ad you can’t get over yourself. Any idiot can make there own decisions, but to do it right, the idiots need COMMON SENSE.

  37. says

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  38. Anonymous says

    ummm…miley cyrus used to be my role model…..!!!! when i was little i used to want to be her when i grew up.!!!but now i dont anymore… i mean i still like her but she needs to keep doing hannah montanna forever!!!well if miley cyrus sees this message..i hope it gets to you and you relize what you need to do..!!!!!

    samantha dopson

  39. says

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  40. Passerby says

    It is really sad that people would attack a 15 year old girl for showing her back. If we are going to attack her then we should go to the beach and attack every teenager wearing a bikini. I think the people that put her down are insecure about their own lives. Like the saying goes “misery loves company”. Stop being jealous of her accomplished life and get your own!

  41. doesnt fuckin matter says

    so you dont like her because of a picture she took?? wow you are a very shallow person.

  42. says

    thats a shame! you know what? when i saw that i was like wow! that girl is just 15, doin all dat. i used to look up for her. i dont like her now. i remember i went to her concert.

  43. Passerby says

    ur crazy to hate her now a swim suite shows way more than that.my 14 year old cousin wears stuff that shows more than that . mylie is not a little girl no more & people need to get over it she toke it its over so leave it alone at least she is not pregnant like jamie spears!

  44. says

    I just hate the way the media wants me to act and think in a particular way, it makes me very angry.

    Mylie did nothing wrong, she should have stuck to her guns and kept to a simple message – “the pictures are beautiful and in good taste”

    I grew up in the 80’s – this is so tame its laughable.

    People have lost their minds – we allow the media and the conservative right wing to dictate what we think, hear, read, say.

    Fwck me George – that’s all I have to say !

  45. Anonymous says

    That’s right, I used to think she was cool when she first came out, but now, I think she’s a skank, I mean she’s a poser (look at her outfits! she’s a pop princess pretending to be like a rock star), and she wears scandalous clothing, AND she does things like this. I have lost all respect for her. She is nothing but a stupid brat, that has gotten her way to the top by acting like America’s sweetheart, so now that you would believe that she’s so nice, she changes it all on you and turns into another Britney Spears. I mean, cheating on your boyfriend with your backround dancer! total Britney! And they (Disney) made her dump former boyfriend because she had pictures of her all over him, but they can’t do anything about this?!?!?! Hipocrytes! But of course, “they caught her by suprise.” (yeah right!)

  46. Anonymous says

    you know what? just stop talking cuss everything that you’r saying is wrong! she was their with her dad how is that a shame? just cuss she shows her bare back you’r so pityful I just can’t beleive people would think that she is a really bad person wich she isnt that was just a picture

  47. Anonymous says

    i dont think, there was a problem with this, i think you are all over reacting. so what happens when you go to the beach, do you dress up like flipping nuns?… No didn’t think so, you show more off there in 2 piece costumes,you guys just need to pick another fight.

  48. mella says

    omg. her BACK. that is SO wrong people. like seriously, it’s not like there are already thousands of ppl out in the world wearing even LESS than this. the only reason ppl are making a huge deal out of this is because she is famous and her picture is up everywhere you look. she is nearly 16 for God’s sake. and we have better things to worry about then some dumb photoshoot. like WORD FRIGGIN HUNGER.

  49. Passerby says

    maybe u all think theres nothing wromg with this but you all are missing th epoint 8 year old girls look up to her…..did u read it right 8 yr old girls! I bet some of u would be thinking differently if it was an 8 yr old half naked with red lipstick on. think about it.

  50. Passerby says

    listen pple dont tell me to relax i can say watever the heck i want.
    shes to young shes trying to grow up to fast. shes fifteen. sheet or no sheet shes still making herself look bad. plus shes setting a terrible example for little girls who watch her stupid show and think that shes there idol.
    sooner or later shes gonna wind up in a bad position get drunk and shave her head bald were looking at the next britney spears. you can think what u want to think. but i think she made a mistake. who cares if shes wearing jeans no ones looking at her chicken legs.some of u people out there might think”oh well just relax OMG! its not a big deal i still love her” give me a break would u pose topless. the picture wasnt acttractive. all u could see was her messy hair and her spine sticking out. next thing u know shes gonna be pregnant in a few years. bill ray u need to take charge. and miley you need to tell all the little girls that watch ur show that what u did was wrong and u should tell them its not ok. and by the way all those people who are” saying shes beautiful she did nothing bad”, no on cares if u still love her.all of u are annoying. all of u who think she did nothing bad are obsessed with her thats why u think that its ok to be 15 and posing topless. its disgusting.

  51. M?ley Cyrus says

    Guys listen, I am sorry okay! I was stupid! And I really dont wanna be hated. I am not a Br?ttany! Okay? Can we all forget about the stupid thing? Thank you guys, fans, for beliving in me! You all rock! Even the ones who hate me, I am sorry!

    Rock on!!
    And love you, I will have sex when I am older promise!!

  52. Anonymous says

    ok “miley” if your really sorry, have sex with us and give us whatever we want whenever we ant you fucking faker

  53. amber says

    i dont care what you say i will all ways love her so she made a mistake she admitted it just give her break

  54. Anonymous says

    Uhhhh….how about we don’t give her a break. oh and when did she addmit this? hmmmm……oh yeah, never. And I will have hostility and aversion deriving from anger towards her forever (I don’t say “hate”). Oh yeah, she made a mistake. OJ Simpson made a mistake, give him a break. Serial Killers make mistakes, give them a break. Abusive fathers make nistakes, give them a break. True, everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone poses topless.

  55. says

    I think it is so stupid that people are gettin mad at mylie just bucause she took a pic in a towl!!!i still love her shows and her music,and i all ways will!!!!!

  56. Anonymous says

    He He, you’re an idiot. And we have a right to get mad. Little kid stars don’t go around taking pictures in loads of makeup and a sheet. Her music is pathetic by the way. Her lyrics are stupid, petty, and unnecessary. Her tunes are annoying, long, and boring. Her clothes are ugly, stupid and rip-offs. Her vocals are the only thing going for her…and that’s iffy. If you like her face, you are shallow. As Sir Francis Bacon once said “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” P.S. Learn to spell.

  57. says

    IIIIIII♥♥♥♥♥♥♥miley!!!! or smilie miley!!!!lol

  58. Passerby says

    Actually she isn’t nude. If you go back and look at the pictures you will see that she still has pants on. She is sitting on a stool, and the sheet isn’t a sheet at all. So seriously people quit over-analyzing things and live a life of your own rather than that of a “movie star”

  59. lilly says

    i did not think that thay were bad thy were taste full and artistic <3
    girls at my school wear more reveling things (im in 9)

  60. Anonymous says

    Artistic! I love photography, and my sister does tons of art, my grandpa did metal art, my dad has been asked to do art for someone, my brother draws anime, you wouldn’t be able to create or comprehend a master piece if you think that that crap is GOOD art.

  61. bunny says

    This can be looked at 2 ways:

    If you’re immature, you see it as “OMG! She’s bad!”

    If you’re mature, you see it as “Ok, whatever. She’s a pretty girl… and famous. What do you expect? …She’s only human!”

  62. Anonymous says

    And you can be looked at in two ways:

    You’re an idiot that thinks she’s pretty and could care less about what she says or does as long as she stays pretty.

    Or you’re an idiot that wants to be famous.

    Either way you’re an idiot.

    Like I said, Micheal Vick is a good quarterback…and famous. What do you expect, she’s only human!

    If that’s the “mature” outlook on that, then that’s changed since I last saw what mature meant last. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, mature means “based on slow careful consideration”. Considering what you just wrote it must have took you 5 seconds to come up with that. Idiotic fauxbo.

  63. deanna says

    It’s really sad that this is the only thing we have to pick on her for. so sh took a picture in sheets? it can send the msg that she’s sexually active but geez….honestly, its an artistic shot for a fashion mag geared to adults and she’s growing up. i dont want to buy that mag and find a cutesy pic of a pop princess! how long can we expect her to keep this impossible wholesome image up?! she’s not perfect just like we aren’t. i dont think she did anything wrong! if she were lying in a bed it’d be different….but she’s not sending any sort of negative msg in my book.

  64. Anonymous says

    Well, your book needs to be updated. She cheated on her boyfriend with her backround dancer. She had some bad pictures with her boyfriend. She turned down a fan. Oh, and she made fun of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez on her pathetic web show. She has done way more than just this. “it can send the msg that she’s sexually active but geez….honestly,”, that puts your whole poiint DOWN. Once again, you do not have an artistic bone in your body. She wants to break off of her image (just like Britney Spears, and where is she?). She has the image of a pop princess and she tore that apart, and it doesn’t seem like she trys to hard to keep her “wholesome image”. “she’s not sending any sort of negative msg in my book.” What kind of wacked up book is yours!? That is sending the message that she is okay with taking off her top!

  65. Kristy says

    The picture that I saw was the one with her back out. It’s not a sexy picture at all. Especially with the coloring added. It looks kind of like a portrait. Also she is 15 almost 16. She wants to be seen as more then a little girl. It’s her back. Give me a break. If she had a bikini on you would see her back. Anyway like I said the picture is not sexy, and she’s slouching.

  66. Anonymous says

    It is a topless picture that is inappropiate for a child star. No artistic bone in your body. So a 16-year-old is waaaaaaay better than a 15-year-old doing this. This was wrong, and if you’re mature, you would agree. It looks like she just got out of bed…naked. That is a WRONG message.

  67. tommyx375 says

    It’s miley’s life and she should live it as she wants. who cares what anyone else thinks. im a big fan of mylie cyrus. my bebo name is tommyx375

  68. Anonymous says

    Yeah right! but does your “little girl” post them on the internet? Well I guess she might…… But hey maybe if she keeps this up she might be prego like Jamie Lynn……who knows!

  69. says

    i agree, if anyone else decided to wear something extremly revealing to lets say to school no one would make a very big deal people should start leaving her alone pertend it is just the kid that would wear it to your school or your best friend. Think about it

  70. Anonymous says

    ya but jamie spears isnt pretending to be a goody too shoes in front of certain people and a fucking skank for others! nobody gives a flying fuck wat jaime does but people actually looked up to miley and if america followed her footsteps we would all be prostitutes! fuck miley and may she burn in hell!!!

  71. Anonymous says

    ya but jamie spears isnt pretending to be a goody too shoes in front of certain people and a fucking skank for others! nobody gives a flying fuck wat jaime does but people actually looked up to miley and if america followed her footsteps we would all be prostitutes! fuck miley and may she burn in hell!!!

  72. Anonymous says

    ya but jamie spears isnt pretending to be a goody too shoes in front of certain people and a fucking skank for others! nobody gives a flying fuck wat jaime does but people actually looked up to miley and if america followed her footsteps we would all be prostitutes! fuck miley and may she burn in hell!!!

  73. Anonymous says

    First of all, just because “in the 80’s” they didn’t do things this “tame” doesn’t mean that it’s not wrong! Second off, the media is stupid. But that doesn’t mean we can’t agree with them sometimes you faux-indie! I mean we all agreed that Britney Spears needed help! Third off, yeah Bush made some wrong choices, but didn’t Abraham Lincoln, but yet every body loved him! (example: freeing slaves and putting Native Americans on Reservations)! The media isn’t making you think that, it’s just common sense! Any idiot can have his or her own opinion, it’s just that you would choose a 15-year-old girl, that my 6-year-old sister loves, that consistently makes bad choices. And as far as “She did nothing wrong,” That is the most idiotic common sense I’ve ever heard, she has set a bad example to hundreds of little girls, lied about it, and continued making the same kind of choices. And sorry Lady, were not in in the 80’s anymore, so deal with that, time keeps going and Miley keeps changing. “The pictures are beautiful and in good taste.” What kind of crap is that. That is the lamest excuse ever. Isn’t Miley Cyrus the same girl that made fun of Demi Lovato for wearing so much makeup. She is wearing so much makeup it makes you wonder if she actually has a face under all that crap. And third of all, “conservative?” America is NOT conservative anymore! There are so many crazed out Liberal’s anymore it’s sad (Their are some Liberals that have some common sense). And last off, YOU’RE AN IDIOT!

  74. Anonymous says

    you are a dumb piece of shit that don’t know a damn thing. ABC is as liberal as it gets there is the view and good morning america to name a few liberal persuaded shows. know your facts jack ass

  75. Anonymous says

    you are a dumb piece of shit that don’t know a damn thing. ABC is as liberal as it gets there is the view and good morning america to name a few liberal persuaded shows. know your facts jack ass

  76. Anonymous says

    “Her accomplished life!?!?!?” her life is sad and pitiful, there’s no substance to it at all, she goes and parties, she dates for fun, pitiful!And why would ANYONE be jealous of HER life!Yeah but there’s also a saying that says “Life’s not a garden. So stop being a ho,” but we don’t see her listening to that one now do we. And it’s sad that you would defend her. And teenagers now a days are scandalous and stupid. And there’s no Freakin’ way I’m insecure about my life! Attack! If we attacked her would she even change (much less care)! She isn’t just showing her back, she’s publicly exposing herself. She was just showing her back of course, but if let that sheet down she would be showing a lot more than that. If you still respect her, go ahead, but I’m not going to listen to all the crap she says. It’s not just that she’s just showing her back, it’s that she’s showing her back and continuing to say she’s completely inocent. I have lost all respect for her. Before you were just telling us that she was older and should get rid of the little kid stuff, now you’re reffering to her as a little 15-year-old teenager, make up your dang mind! If she’s so inoccent, why are people attacking her? Are we all blind to our flaws, and we should all do whatever you do, because supposedly the media is controling our minds then why are you trying to? And if you call her life accomplished, then what the heck is your goal in life? To take a picture topless. Or as you would say “showing her back”. I for one have a secure life AND secure my body.

  77. Anonymous says

    What the heck does that mean? You’re an idiot that idolizes movie stars no matter what they do. Keep saying that they’re innocent, you can believe your own idiotic lies, but I won’t blindly follow your decisions. She is topless, and there is nothing you can do about that. She is wearing a sheet and you can’t do anything about that either. She made a mistake deal with it, you can’t change that.

  78. the bomb like tick tick says

    obviously you haven’t looked at the pictures and your just on here ignorantly posting comments obviously you have some mental problems and probably have some problem with self image

  79. Rawr says

    I agree, honestly people LOOK UP TO HER! And if my little sister were to see her in this picture, what kind of impression is that??? I mean her dad should be putting his foot down, but instead he’s taking skimpy photo shoots WITH HER! She’s just out of it lately, she is even trying to get out of her contract with disney (So i’ve heard.), this is an outright shame.

  80. says

    Miley was ashamed upon the release of this magazine. She never though it will be misinterpreted by the public. But those people who believes in Miley, like me, will not think any dirt like thing.

    Miley I know you are growing up and I know you’ll be be good even after 20 years. keep on rocking!!!

  81. the bomb like tick tick says

    your totally right in order to be an individual she definitely needs to live by your standards doing everything that you think is right! How could she not see this before?

  82. truth speaker 101 says

    wooow! u people are nuts! this is a 15 year old girl…this is ridiculous. Idk i never wouldda thot that daddy’s little girl would do this…did u? the pressure nowadays is incredible for celebs…and i no u think that its wrong…or no big deal…but ur not Miley. Ur not in her position, and probabyly never will be. she needs to open her eyes and realize that people are very opinionated about what she does and she has to realize that shes under the microscope for probably most of her life. And as far as the pics go…i’m disappointed but there are worse things she could do….

  83. Anonymous! says

    omg..she didn’t do anything wrong!
    she’s just showing her back ! i’ve seen dresses on the red carpet more revealing than what she’s wearing!
    look at the pic on the top of the page.. it just looks like a strapless gown!
    BIKINIS ARE MORE SCANDELOUS THAN THIS! and no one cares about people wearing bikinis, so why bother with this?
    stupid, stupid, stupid! leave the girl alone!

  84. Anonymous says

    The only reason people don’t like this picture and think that it is gross or inappropriate are just jealous because they are not pretty or famous!! And don’t have anything better to do than sit around and criticize people that put them to shame!!! Sorry but what she does is her business and if any non famous person were to do this it would be no big deal.

  85. Anonymous says

    you people are just jelious that yall did not look that good and sing that good when yall we younger. leave the poor girl along it is not like she is revealing that much i would allow my child to do a photo shoot like that it is not like she wore it to the awards or anything. get over it and worry about your own lives. if you think it is wrong do not allow your child to watch it. yall are the parents so act like it do not worry about other kids who already have kids just worry about your children. stop letting your children watch so much tv and get them active in other things and then you do not have to worry.

  86. Mom of 2 says

    WOW….can really tell there is one jealous little girl posting nasty comments about Mylie. I am the mother of a 15 year old girl, she listens to much of the new Mylie music, and we do not think that the photos are obsene or pornographic as some of the posts have said. They did those photos as a family, mom, dad and little sister were there……….If you are that shallow and insecure of a person to insult someone for showing less then the girls her age do at the swimming pool or beach, then you need to grow up and worry about yourself and not others….

  87. denisa says

    just FYI, i used to hate miley and jealous of her. i though she couldn’t sing at all… but after i watched HM me and mr. jonas, i tried to watched HM season 1 eps 1 n i realize that i was wrong. her talented is really natural n she didn’t famous because her dad. i watched her acting in all eps HM, hear al her songs which i know she created by her own. and i went to her concert and i really know that she really talented. she really can sing. somebody tell me that our creation is show people who we are… and i know all miley’s songs is really good and full moral lesson. so i’m started adored her. i know she made mistakes… but come on guys… nobody’s perfect!! she still so young. let’s hope she will not become the next britney or madonna. don’t judge person who u don’t know. i don’t know her, but at least a tried to know anything about her to find out is she a nice person or not. and i realize, if she didn’t a nice person, she wouldn’t have great friends, and being as famous as now.

  88. Bethy-Lou-Bear says

    JAMIE LYNS ACTIONS WHERE EXPECTED. I mean, shes related to brittney right? lol and besides, thats old news. this is newer.

  89. Anonymous says

    mile cyrus is kwl nd sexy if i had a body like that id show so fuck off nd leave it alone i bet u have all done something stupid when u where younger so fuck off and leave the kid alone so she made 1 mistake every1 makes mistke no need to dweel on it bitchs!!!!!!

  90. nuira 13 dublin says

    miley cyrus is kwl nd sexy if i had a body like that id show so **** off nd leave it alone i bet u have all done something stupid when u where younger so **** off and leave the kid alone so she made 1 mistake every1 makes mistke no need to dweel on it bitchs!!!!!! nd shes only showen her bak for goods sake half of use lost your virginaty by then shes a well grounded person she leave her alone!!!! love ya miley

  91. Anonymous says

    the swimming thiing was not that bad so i dont like it how all of u fugenuts arnt likeing her no more ur treating her like the kid on the playground that has lice

  92. SASSY MRS. SASSY says


  93. SASSY MRS. SASSY says

    selena is so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dam write she is

  94. Anonymous says

    no i don’t agree with u all….. she is jst a teenager right now and she shul enjoy her days now so everyone shoul better shut there mouths
    have u all not done these sort of wrks when ur at her age?

  95. Miley's#1 fan!! says

    Ok,dont dis miley cyrus.its her life,she can do what ever she wants to do!its her life not yours!! Leave her alone.i am her #1 fan ever:) I sing her songs..let her be her

  96. Anonymous says


  97. Anonymous says

    you know what? so if she strips you like it and your gonna go to her house and rape her thats great than act all innocent and say it’s her life thats great you son of a fuck

  98. Anonymous says

    she is a talented girl and you guys need to leave her along she is beautiful and a good singer so what she wears make-up these days every girl does. They start at a early age because parents allow there kids to watch the shows way to early. I think that her show is for 12 years old girls and older. Not for 4 year old girls so if your child is acting like her it is probably because she is not ready to watch her show. It is the parents fault I think because yall do not want to deal with your kids so yall send them to watch TV and that is how they learn that stuff. SO BLAME THE PARENTS.