The Cast Of Gossip Girl Really Loves Each Other

TV Guide interviewed several members of the cast of Gossip Girl and they all just gushed about each other. I guess it’s true that on some shows, co-stars become family.
Leighton Meester on Ed Westwick:

“Ed is just incredible. He’s got that kind of bad boy edge to him, but he has a real soft side. I find him to be the most down to earth, cool and sweet guy. He gets into these funny moods where he’s really silly. Ed’s also in a band and he’s great on stage. They played the other night, and I was yelling! He’s really artistic and an amazing singer and dancer. He loves good rock, alternative music. He’s introduced me to a lot of stuff that I really love now, like the Libertines and Babyshambles. Girls just follow him. I have a feeling Ed would do OK even if he wasn’t on a TV Show.”

Chace Crawford on Leighton:

“What makes Leighton so attractive is that she’s very confident. She’s comfortable in her own skin and she’s not trying to win anyone’s approval, which is sexy. She’s also really intelligent and has a great sense of humor. I feel like I have an odd sense of humor and she does, too. We’re both kind of weirdos. When you’re hanging out with her, you’re free to do anything. She doesn’t judge. Leighton was born in the wrong generation. She should have been born in the 70’s because she’s very free spirited. If people would be shocked by anything about her, it’s how nice she is, how personable. And obviously, she’s gorgeous.”

Leighton on Chace:

“Chace can appeal to pretty much anybody because he’s so sweet and cultured. He has this kind of moral [center] – I think it’s because he’s from the South. He’s a gentleman and he’s also very fashionable. And he’s fun to work with. Chace is really good at making different voices and quoting movies. He loves talking about football, but I could care less. He knows he’s hot, but he’s smart about it. He doesn’t let it get to his head and I think that’s really attractive.”

It sounds to me like Chace has a little crush on Leighton.Sure he might have a past with other ladies in Hollywood, but wouldn’t it be cute if those two got together?




  1. emilie says

    It seems to me like she has a crush on Ed.
    I wouldn’t blame her if that’s true! I love him!

  2. crea says

    chace and leighton should be together in real life… they r so perfect for each other because chace had mention that he really enjoyed her company