Angelina Jolie Wins Most Stylish Mom In The World Award

Speaking of Angie…
Why stop at the world? Why not the UNIVERSE? Hello Magazine readers voted (over 15,00 counted!) for the celebrity they thought was the most stylish and guess who won? Angelina Jolie!Makes sense to me. When you are as beautiful and genuine as Angie, how can she ever look bad?

“I am a working mother… I want my wardrobe to be beautiful, sexy and comfortable, all at the same time,” she says.

Those long flowing dresses really hit home huh? What do you think? Does Angie deserve the top spot? If not, who should have replaced her?




  1. Jennifer says

    Either Gwen Stefani or Victoria Beckham… how can Angelina be stylish when all she practically wears are those boring prairie skirts.

  2. kiki35 says

    i am a fan of hers but….how can someone who wears black every day of their life have any style? gwen should have definitely taken the #1 spot