Kate Hudson’s Stalker Arrested With Two Axes In His Car

Not funny. This is most certainly the darkest part of being a celebrity. Kate Hudson was lucky enough to have a man who was obsessed with her get arrested before he did any serious damage. According to the Boston Herald,

Neil Bergman, 44, of Whitefield, N.H., was arraigned on burglary charges in Boston Municipal Court the other day and was packed off for a 30-day mental evaluation, the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office confirmed to the Track. Other sources report that after Bergman was apprehended, he allegedly ranted to cops about Hudson and her mother, actress Goldie Hawn.
“This suspect made statements to the arresting officers that indicated the individual had an unhealthy interest in Kate Hudson,” Boston police spokesgal Elaine Driscoll told the Track. “As a matter of caution, we alerted her security.”

To make sure that Kate was safe, her bodyguards were put on high alert and even supplied with a picture of Neil should he attempt to make contact in the near future.

Kate’s muscle, who shadow her while she’s in Boston filming the comedy “Bride Wars” with Anne Hathaway, have a photo of Bergman and have been on high alert, we’re told.

When arrested, police found two axes, computer equipment, a copper weather vane, outdoor flower pots, an Elvis plate, a Christmas tree and lots of women’s clothing in Neil’s car.
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  1. earth says

    I know this guy,the story sounds scary the way gosip and drama Queens pass it along in there media hype,and yes when he is off hiss meds he can act quite abnormal”like wearin slippers out to the store”….but not in 20 years has he ever acted violent..delusions of grandger yes ,a thret..no..well maybe to your peace of mind if you care about him….hes the hippi new age type ..and he promots PEACE..LOVE…and LIGHT ..If Kate is listening ..Dont Worry………………he also saved my life once..maybe twice….

  2. earth says

    p.s. i carry tools and a machete’ in my car also….but there not for choppin people up!!!!

  3. Bill says

    What is even more scary is this guy worked for me a few years back….odd back then as well.