Love It Or Hate It: Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton was photographed at the “10th Anniversary of the The Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care” in London last night wearing a full length black and floral dress. I love her hair and make-up and I want to like the dress, but there is just a lot going on. I’m kind of at a loss. What do you guys think of it?

thandie newton in black and floral dress The Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care 1 The Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care 3 The Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care 2





  1. Sugasista says

    LOL @ Vera wanting to like the dress… I totally understand. I just don’t like the sequins, her hair looks great and the shape of the dress compliments her figure.

  2. The Valleys says

    I loved it until I maximized my screen and scrolled down to find that it wasn’t the mini dress I thought it should be. It would be perfect if it stopped above the knee.

  3. Elaine says

    Does it look like anyone else? I THINK NOT. Think outside of the box people.
    Carbon copies are not always IN!

  4. Tiamamamia says

    She is absolutely beautiful!!!! She is so underated its not even funny……she was awesome in BELOVED!!!!! LOVE HER!

  5. Malinda P says

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!!!! I would totally wear it, though with something underneath because I don’t show that much cleavage. But I think the dress is gorgeous!!!

  6. notsoanonymous says

    When you are beautiful and well-composed as this woman, you can do almost no wrong. It’s not my favorite dress but that doesn’t mean she can’t pull it off.

    Sometimes the outfits that would look horrible on 99.9% of the general population look right on the other 0.1%

  7. Miss M says

    Not sure about the top bit… it doesn’t really go with the flowery bottom bit but she herself looks stunning as usual.

  8. Jay says

    I love it … it’s from Roberto Cavalli AW08 collection [on] and it looks really elegant through the bust area. A really understated but sufisticated look.