Christina Aguilera Talks About Her New Album

Christina Aguilera isn’t slowing down on her work schedule even though she’s got a little one to look after. She’s back in the studio and we can expect a new record out sometime this fall. She talked a little bit about the album, saying specifically that she won’t work with Timbaland since everyone else already has.

”This record is going to be very different from my previous record ‘Back To Basics.’ I’m working with a lot of different people so it’s a little hard for me to really go for a specific theme this time around, but I can assure you that it’s going to be a very very interesting record. Am I nervous? Of course but I’m also very excited. I never like to play it safe so it’s always a little risky to release a record that doesn’t sound like everything else out there. I mean, I love Timbaland’s music for example but I would never work with people like that because everyone else is doing it already.”

If everyone’s doing it, it’s for a good reason…he makes hot music! Either way, I’m excited for new music from Christina, I think she has one of the best voices in the biz. Do you agree?




  1. veisner says

    i dunno. it all depends on the song. if something is really great and the song really works and its right for the album, it shouldnt be denied just because its from Timbaland and “everyones doing it.” But, if it doesnt fit and shes got a direction for it, well then i hope its great anyway. theyre “praying” for her at lol

  2. jaaz says

    Love her music, all of it. she has an AMAZING voice that I feel has been under rated!! but whats up with the hair???? it looks grey

  3. Savage says

    It really makes me laugh how people can be so judgemental over someone they’ve never met. And how does the amount of makeup she wears determine her talent? One has nothing to do with the other. You people seriously will find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to judge other people about.

    I, personally, LOVE Christina, and her voice. She’s so amazingly talented and I’m VERY excited to see what she comes up with. Back to Basics was a genious album. I love that she mixes things up, and she doesnt over-play the same style. She’s smart when it comes to her music, and talent.

  4. Karen says

    I’ve always disliked Christina’s style of singing. It’s all about vocal acrobatics. I never get any feeling from her singing. I think she was blessed with a great set of vocal chords and no soul to tell the story of the song. Maybe some of that is tied to the snarky comments she makes about others all the time.

  5. star says

    Since she had the baby she looks unhappy…why dont we see her son????
    She used to look classy.

  6. Anonymous Chicka says

    She has a great voice but I am just really surprised she never has lost the baby weight.. she still looks so thick

  7. Passerby says

    You are so right.
    christina is very talented.
    i just can’t wait to see what is coming next!

  8. Anonymous says

    I absolutely LOVE Christina Aguilera!!!!!! Her music is awesome and she’s extremely beautiful. I believe that the people who put her down and trash talk her are only jealous and insecure about their own little lives. I think that if you have nothing better to do with your time than talk crap about someone else, then you definitely need to get a life!! And if someone doesn’t like what I’m saying, I understand……because I know the truth hurts!!! Ha

  9. says

    I think that Christina has an incredible voice it is truly amazing and she is such a wonderful person and such a great role model and truly inspiring 😀

  10. crookedeye says

    I’m really curious what type or genre of music will Christina be in on her next upcoming new album….MORE POWER TO CHRISTINA AGUILERA!!!

  11. chantelle says

    christina aguilera has touched me and probably many other people out there with her songs.

    listening to some of them actually gave me more courage to push on through the rough patches in my life.

    some people may hate and write some harsh comments about her. please, we’re all human and every one of us has flaws.

    to those who criticised her, are you perfect?

    to those who support her, i think this new album is going to rock.

    to christina, never stop singing, thank you..

  12. SeleneGoddess says

    It doesn’t matter what she did in the past, her voice sounds great, her music rocks: SO THATS ALL THE MATTERS!!!!

  13. saleh says

    christina one of the amazing voices ever , her voice is a diamond , her songs r amazing and she is Beautiful

  14. somebody says

    i enjoy her music and talent so much!
    she is a great role model by getting married and having a great child!
    she is fighting for her courier! after she had her child i thought she wont have her child anymore but i have found out she HAS came out with a new album, and her song keeps getting better is DA BEST!
    rock on christina!
    from ur biggest fan evvaa!

  15. Anonymous says

    I hope christina will be around for ever! If she had never been born, I dont know who I would like voice wise and how she looks! I like all of her! I couldnt imagine this world without her init! I dont think I could find somebody who has got a better voice than she has got, yes i do like other people and how they sound, but she is my fave! I like all the looks she has got and carnt desided which i like best as i think each time she comes out with a new look i like that one that moment in time.

    I would like to think that christina will be around for a very long time, just as long as madonna has been! she isnt booming out lots of albums, she is takein her time which i think is a good thing! Christina keep making records, keep sending us your messgaes thought your soungs! when I hear one of your soungs,it makes me feel things will be ok in life, and makes me happy to hear them,even when i am happy!

  16. Anonymous says

    Walk away and hurt, two of my favoutire songs of her, i like keeps gettin’ better but … where is the amazing voice? where are the sentimental songs? …

  17. Anonymous says

    she’s perfect … the only reason you’re saying that is because American people is fucking fat … Mcdonald is killing you guys!

    Kisses from SPAIN! ^^

  18. Anonymous says

    1 thing christina works hard and is in love if thats not enough for every1 to give her a break about, what is if she has had a boob job who cares we r not her she can do what she wants even if i would not do it it dunt matter as long as she has what she wants and maybe too much slap well i think she looks better natural because she does look nice n all but i think natural is gr8

  19. Anonymous says

    What find rediculous about you ALL is that Christina is PERSON like us all.. who cares that the women has millions of dollars and many successful awards. Does it really matter whether or not she had a boob job?? Not really..

    She is the ONLY pop star in her era that didnt screw up or become labelled as the slut in town. Brittany Spears came out when Christina did and look at her. Christina never does stupid shit and looks like a great mom. Who cares what she wears or how much makeup she wears. Its what makes her Christina. What about Kiss… he looks pretty stupid but thats who he is..

    I cant believe people are actually fighting about her looks and if she had a boob job or if it its the pregnancy that did it. WHO CARES!!! SHE IS A PERSON JUST LIKE YOU AND ME!!

  20. Nad says

    I am so excited to heard the new record. Christina is just amazing and I can’t wait to see in what direction she will go for this CD..
    She just have the best voice ever and I hope she will use this wonderful talent in her cd.

  21. Anonymous says

    okay…her boobs are fake but so wat?? there not just big bcz sshe was pregnant… they were b4 so hueva sed tht… pay more attention!! duznt matter anyway… she can do wat she wants!!! shes amazing !!! i love her voice and jus her in general! xx

  22. Anonymous says

    first let me say she is a white women and does not sound black she is fantastic in every way and is stunning

    if u do not like her why bother reading about her u sad people

    just want to say a love her to bits nd she is the female of our generation

    she has the best female vocals ever disagreea dont care its my opinion although it is actually a fact love u christina xx

  23. Jessicarose. says

    Wether she has had a boob job or not doesnt change the fact that she’s an amazing singer and unlike half the celebrities at the moment she deserves all the fame and fortune she has. Plenty of people get boob jobs but as soon as a celebrity does, hell breaks lose. It seriously doesnt matter if she has. She an awesome singer, does great songs, and also looks good. So stop giving the women shit for nothing.

  24. Jackson says

    I’m not into her pop music but she does have a nice voice. She puts on too much make up like a drag queen. She has a horrbile boob job and her bottom half is very chunky.

  25. says

    I love christina and her bold moves to play with makeup and hair. She really gets into her character. I love her body. Real women have curves. And fake boobs look great.

  26. Anonymous says

    Omg….she didn’t have a freaking boob job!!!! she had a CHILD C-H-I-L-D. Women’s breast’s get larger when they have a baby. Her bottom half is NOT chunky. She just had a baby and looks pretty amazing…..Her Pop music SHOULD be called R&B. She sounds like a black woman. She’s amazing and has her own style. boob job…..what a low class loser. Get your facts straight dumbass….

  27. Anonymous says

    For 1 your a dick for thinking that about her! She has an amazing voice, she is curvy LIKE WOMEN SHOULD BE! And NO she does not have a BOOB JOB those are natural because…… She just had a baby!!!!! If you couldnt put that together because your ignorant and stupid about women, WOMEN after having kids tend to change in body type. She got bigger boobs. The makeup thing, is the only thing I can agree with you on, but honestly it doesnt look bad, she just needs to change that soon.

  28. Anonymous says

    You people who diss her body or anyones body are ridiculous!!!! What does her body have to do with her music at all????? I would love for you people to just go blind, then maybe you could appreciate good music. And christina is beautiful and the most talented singer i know of. i would love to see just how perfect you are……………

  29. Platinum87 says

    Christina has always been proud of the fact that she hasn’t altered her body. For all these people saying she’s had a boob/lip job then you obviously don’t know she’s half latin and that what is natural for them. If she did have it done, she would admit it – she doesn’t care what people think.

    You guys are also saying that her boobs are different from when she first started singing to now. You seem to be forgetting that she was a teen when she first started and her boobs were still growing. Of course they are going to be bigger now.

    Any woman knows that some days your boobs seem to go up and down in size. This can have to do with hormones or weight loss/gain, and we all know Christina battles with weight as well. She could also be wearing push up bra’s with extra padding or inserts in some photos and then she might be photographed again with a bra with no support which makes her look a few sizes smaller. I’m B cup, but some days I’m way too big to fit into that size bra, and other days I think I would be better wearing an A cup – it’s normal for boobs to change size.

    When she had her baby she said that she was always a size C to D then when she was breast feeding she jumped to a size E. This is completely normal and I think anyone questioning her saying she’s lying about her breasts must be jealous. I mean she has no reason to lie about them, the reason she’s showing them off is probably because she’s proud of them. I mean wouldn’t you be if you had boobs like that?

    Stop hating her and appreciate her for the amazing voice and personality that she has.

  30. ANNETTE says


  31. Riviera says

    Timbaland may be “in” at the moment, but he’s no longer innovative. All his songs sound alike and you can autimatically tell it was from him. Madonna’s “4 Seconds” has the exact same beat as Duran Duran’s “Nightrunner” and both were produced by Timbaland.

  32. Amy says

    i like her music and use to think she was great, but i lost alot of respect for her when she opted to have an elective c. section on a certain day so she could arrange her sons circumsision. i have nothing against c. sections but she was always going on about womens empowerment and how great it is to be a woman and she does that….kinda contradicts her self.

  33. trinity says

    one of the bests, try THE best. her voice is absolutely stunning. almost unhuman. incredible.

  34. Anonymous says

    shes not THE best , shes one of the best shes great at singing, but shes way too cocky with it and it ruins her songs! she sounds like shes screaming on all of her chorus’ even in her new song

  35. erika says

    christina has a beautiful voice. ive seen her live and she sounded better then her cds. it cracks meup all the people on her hatin on her makeup and the small stuff. dont hate its the weakest emotion!!!

  36. nick says

    The weakest emotion is jealousy….not hate.

    It is easy to dislike XTINA…she wears a clown mask in public…she is condescending and fake….and she is conceited in every interview or photo op…just like Avril—little insecure threatened trolls.

  37. EMMA G says

    HEY………… why are most people on here dissin her?????????? if you do not like the women or have nothin nice to say about her than why are you wasting your time to go out your way and read about her????? your the kind of people that upset and spoil true fans time!!! Some people are really big fans of this amazing lady and like to read and catch up on the latest things she’s been doin, there dont come to see and read about all the negativety you through at her!!!!!!!!!! YEA so what is she’s had a boob job, shes paid for them, their her boobs and her money…. and as for all the drag queen comments…. tut tut i just dont get some people!!! ITS HER BUSINESS WHAT SHE DOES, WHAT SHE WEARS, HOW SHE WEARS IT!!!! Give the women i break and stop spoiling it for people she really inspires like myself!!!!!!

  38. snuff says

    christina’s the most talented vocalist of our generation, hands-down. you can be petty and dislike her appearance, or judge her based on what little you know of her family life, but nobody can deny that she has an incredible gift.
    altho i don’t think she’d get too upset about it anyway… her musical heroes (like etta james and aretha franklin) are celebrated for their voices but not usually renowned for being pretty to look at.

  39. Sara says

    Yes, Christina is amazingly talented, and I don’t blame her for not working with Timbaland!! He’s getting played out. I hope this new album is a little like Stripped… pop/rock, ballads, with a few R&B tunes that show off her voice. I’m sure it’ll be great no matter what.

  40. Anonymous says

    she had her implants before she had kids just watch trust the voice within and ull see them bouncing in her chest

  41. Anonymous says

    I love christina. But yes, she did get a boob job…look at ANY picture before she had Max, yes granted they have gotten bigger. But she has had one…Google it…. And her bottom half is not chunky, shes hott. Get over it everyone whos hating.

  42. Anonymous says

    I love christina, I’ve always been a fan. I Loved Back to Basics, I listen to it very often STILL. But she DID get a boob job. For anyone who is a fan and obviously havent noticed, look back around 2004 I believe and you’ll see she went from flat straight to huge. I have a big bust and I’ve grew it fast but it definitely didnt go from A’s to D’s within a month. Get a brain people. AND I am a mom, of 10 month old twins, so I know how a woman’s body turns out after kids. So trust me, she had a boob job. Quit telling yourself she didnt. Again I love her and her work, but I dont think she’s presenting herself in a good light with all that makeup. And I am definitely not a “hater” because why would I hate someone who has the same body type as mine?

  43. Anonymous says

    Her boobs are real! She just had a kid and when women have kids most of the time your body changes……

  44. Kaitlin says

    I’ve been listening to Christina since I was a little girl..I wish nothing but the very best for her. I cant wait for the new album..Wish I could hear a few demos of the new up coming album though..Cant wait! She’s inspiring, talented, and real..OnE LoVe