Uma Thurman’s Stalker Is Convicted

SO happy to hear this. The jury only spent one day in deliberations so the verdict is already out…he’s been convicted! Uma Thurman’s stalker has been found guilty on the following counts:

Jack Jordan, 37, was convicted of fourth-degree stalking and second degree aggravated harassment. Jordan was found not guilty of two charges of aggravated harassment, according to reports.”

Uma told the court,

“I was completely freaked out. It was like a nightmare. It was scary.”

Stalking charges are only 90 days in jail but harassment charges could keep Jordan in jail for up to a year.
Uma must be so relieved! Still…that doesn’t seem like a very long time for him to be in jail. If I had a stalker I’d want him locked away for as long as possible, wouldn’t you?




  1. Riviera says

    That is scary indeed. What were the specifics of the case? I wonder what he did to her.

  2. lis says

    I bet Uma now has every form of restraining order possible against the man.

    I’m glad to hear he was convicted.

  3. suffy_78 says

    One of the scariest things about being a celeb/ even if this one is convicted, God knows how may others are out there.