Sarah Larson Is Glad That George Clooney Forgave Her Past

No, I’m not talking about the pictures or her past Vegas jobs, I’m talking scorpions. Sarah Larson is so happy that George Clooney doesn’t mind about her bug eating past. You see, Sarah was a contestant on Fear Factor and had to eat a variety of creepy crawlers including a scorpion. She is so thankful that George is ok with it.

“If George had been on a reality show, I don’t think I’d have talked to him. He still wants to date me, and I ate a scorpion.”

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  1. Nanea says

    @ # 4: Everyone has posed for photos while not wearing panties? Uh, ok, if you say so!

    I know I haven’t.

    Is that Larson woman so desperate that she’s starting to believe what Camp Clooney is manufacturing about her past, to whitewash her? She’s even dumber than her stupid remarks at the Oscars made her look.

  2. samjane says

    pretty lucky girl…we all have pasts and that is a part of who she is. that may be why she snagged george

  3. tryst says

    she is a lucky gal. george clooney is quite attractive for his age and i would date him (only, of course, because he’s a movie star). but he’s lucky too i guess. he can live out the rest of his years w/ a hot little trophy on his arm.

  4. karla says

    I did crazy stuff when i was younger:))Everyone is different,some people never did anything of the ordinary,some did,it’s ok to have past an learn from mistakes,and of course change:)I actually really like her!

  5. Daniee says

    Everyone has a past, although hers seems pretty innocent to me. But, I mean, that’s what makes people interesting to talk to right? Who gives a crap?

  6. Jamie says

    puhleeease she needs to just go away already. she is so annoying and i want to stick a pencil in my eye everytime she is publicized.

  7. Passerby says

    You people don’t get it…Sarah isn’t just a girl who did some wild things when she was young…she was a Vegas Prostitute/Escort making $200,000 a year being a VIP Hostess/Hooker for Nine Company in Vegas…that goes beyond just doing a few wild things as a kid. Clooney is trying to recreate Pretty Woman but you can’t fool people, dress her up, try to whitewash her past, etc., but she’s still TRASH! I guess that tells us a lot about Clooney himself by the choices he makes, he never picks an intelligent, well versed, educated woman with a good job…only interested in hookers and strippers…I’ve lost a lot of respect for him…its a shame!!

  8. Anonny says

    Oh! I thought he meant all those pics he saw of her with her arms and legs wrapped around various guys in bars.

  9. Sarah Kelly says

    I actually think she’s a sweet girl. She doesn’t seem to be on any bandwagon, and always looks presentable. Sure, she was on a reality show and has “crazy” pictures, but everyone’s done something silly like that (minus the show).

    The only downside is that the girl snagged George Clooney and I didn’t.

  10. lisa says

    she is weird..but i don’t understand why people don’t say she’s model pretty..i think she’s gorgeous..or at least prettier than some of the other runway models i’ve seen..

  11. Amy says

    It’s not like George’s past is that pristine either. Have you seen the long list of his former flings. Maybe that’s why they are good together. I like Sarah, and I am happy for both of them. Sarah’s young and we have all done stupid things when were in college. If my poor mother knew half the things I did when I was in college she would roll over in her grave. Luckily it all happened before the internet so I don’t think I have to worry about any pics showing up. Let’s see, there was the streaking on campus(ok, it was dark) My point being, give the poor girl a break.

  12. gerard Vandenberg says

    But I’m sure he is still waiting for a future…………………………….WITHOUT THE PROSTITUTE!!