Ben Affleck Regrets Jenny From The Block

He is STILL being asked about this? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dated so long ago, but reporters are still questioning Ben on that relationship and now here I am blogging about it again :) For the record, he does wish they hadn’t done the Jenny From The Block video.

“If I have a big regret, it was doing the music video. But that happened years ago. I’ve moved on.”

But, Ben insists that dating Jennifer didn’t hurt his career, like some people think.

“It not only makes me look like a petulant fool (to blame Lopez), but it surely qualifies as ungentlemanly? For the record, did she hurt my career? No.”




  1. JOJO says

    BEN doesnt give a fuck to JENNY…that is natural
    he is still a kinda handsome hooker BUT JENNY IS A MIDDLE AGED MOM

  2. JOJO says


  3. Riviera says

    She’s learned a great deal from the relationship as well. You hardly hear from her either. Maybe that’s why their marriages are working.

  4. Barb says

    I’m not Hispanic but a white Canadian. However, when this thing played out and ended on a sour note, I couldn’t help but reflect on the subtle racist tendencies of Americans towards Hispanics. Now he regrets having made that video, that’s so rude. You dated her, ….. her, wanted to marry her so what if you made a video together?? You wanted no evidence did you? Would embarass you would it? I would personally be offended.

  5. mari_p says

    BARB – How is any of this about race? It’s kind of obvious he regrets making the video because that entire relationship was about image, and the guy you see today, who is chill and ‘regular’ was not who he was when he was with J-Lo – she turned him into the male version of her. It must be embarassig to have that on display, and to have fallen for that and agreed to be that on camera with her.

    Curious Georgina – Jennifer Garner is considered the ‘girl next door’ because she doesn’t wear high heels and fake lashes mde out of fox when she goes out for milk, doesn’t attach other people’s hair to hers for ‘beauty’ and can live without diva requests and attitudes like Lopez. PS – do any of you think J-LO even gets her own milk anyway???

  6. Jen Garner is Better! says

    Jennifer Garner is another girl next door type. She’s clean, refreshing, a good mom and NOT a Media Whore.

    BTW! Jennifer Garner did NOT have an Affair with her Alias co-star and she was Divorced way before B.A came along.

    and yes. I do think Jlow hurt Ben’s career. He lost his all American image and became a Bronxed out, bling-bling, media whore like jlow.

    Glad he came to his senses :)

  7. lolo says

    ahhh bennifer….i think ben looked soooo hot when he was with j-lo..thats cuz she made him slick back the hair and get a orange tan..but still he was hot

  8. lolo says

    also …. i cant belive there r so many j.lo haters….geez..last time i checked ben came on 2 her..when she was still married

  9. Otis Rail says

    Man alive though, there are some great shots of J. Lo’s ass in that video though, eh girls?

    No red-blooded man could regret that.

    Otis Rail

  10. Chrisitne says

    I don’t even think she’s truly happy. But she can’t have another scandal. She sucks and was never “real” Big phony b****. I actually know the little girl that was in ” Jersey Girl” Her and her family all said Ben was down to earth and took time out for all the cast and crew to “hang with” and she was a complete snot to say the least. Just proves she really is who everyone thinks she is!

  11. linda says

    #16…I’m not sure I’m getting your connection to the race factor with Ben and Jennifer. Please explain because I am dumbfounded!

  12. sam says

    I forgot about them, about him. The music video didn’t hurt his career. He BARELY had one to begin with. What was there, was nothing. He was actually somewhat attractive then because he dressed a lot nicer and did something to his hair. Now, now he’s not even on red carpets. He has no reason for being there anyway.

  13. Vanilla Cokehead says

    I still think the whole Bennifer saga was a textbook case showing celebs how NOT to handle a relationship. Ben and J. Lo. publicly pimped out their relationship and milked it for all its worth – then blamed the media when it went south. I do give Ben and Jennifer Garner credit for keeping their relationship mostly “under the radar.” If anyone learned from this whole thing, it was him.

  14. Pixie says

    The music video was a big joke. If Jenny was still from the block then she would not be sleeping in $4,000 designer sheets!

  15. Amanda says

    I love Ben Affleck. I think his family is adorable, and since the whole JL thing, he has made all of the right decisions.

  16. TGH says

    He’s never looked sexier than he did in that video. In the video the two of them are being followed by papparazzi. The only scene I remember is the two of them sunbathing on a boat only to discover paps nearby. It was just corny.

  17. me646 says

    I have to agree that Ben looked SO HOT in that video. They should stop taking about that old ass relationship already, its so played out.

  18. Kathleen says

    We ALL make dating mistakes! LOL :) Fortunately, he married “girl-next-door”, Jennifer Garner 😀 A happy ending for all.

  19. Curious Georgina says

    So, Jennifer Garner, who cheated on her husband with her Alias costar, is a girl next door. Is that because she has dimples?