Kim Cattrall’s Mom Loves Her Nude Scenes

Kim Cattrall obviously has a little bit of a different take on nudity than her costar, Kristin Davis, who put her foot down when the director of the Sex and the City movie asked her to take it all off. And Kim’s mom fully supports her on screen nudity!

“Kim is a role model for 50-something women. Much has been made about her nudity in the film, but I think she looks fabulous.”

79 year old mom Shane, also added,

“Anyone who knocks that is jealous. All this fuss about a bit of nudity is ridiculous.”

Call me old fashioned but I would be SO embarrassed to have my mom see a nude/sex scene, wouldn’t you?!?




  1. Daniee says

    The ONE person I wouldn’t be embarrassed to see me take it off is my Mom. I dunno, she’s my Mom and knows everything anyway. I guess Canadians aren’t quite as “closed” about this type of thing as our American friends.

  2. Betty says

    I think she has a great perspective on the issue, and Kim should certainly be proud of her body.

    As for me personally, I wouldn’t be embarassed for my mom to see it but somebody like my grandpa or an old high school teacher or something — yes.

  3. Miss M says

    My oh my, your mother saw you growing up. She wiped your arse, she changed your nappies and you are embarrassed when your mother sees you naked?

    We’ve all seen a naked female body before. Same with a naked male body before. I really don’t see the problem!

  4. Anonymous one says

    Americans are so hung up on nudity being a bad thing. If you look at Europeans, they are free about being nude since it is our natural state. This is why the Europeans have so little sex crimes and Americans have too many. If we didn’t make such a big deal about it, we wouldn’t have as many preditors, pedafiles, etc.

  5. Amy says

    I would be more embarrassed to have any of my male relatives see me. My dad, brothers, uncles, cousins.

  6. ethang says

    Go on Mom! Everyone can be such a prude when it comes to our bodies in it’s natural state but these same people don’t even flinch with the violence on TV or in our children’s video games. Whateva.

  7. says

    Right on ethang, some people (too many) can be prudes.
    There is nothing to be embarrassed about re nudity, and violence on TV and/or video games is a far more serious issue.

  8. CapturingLife says

    I love how free and open Kim is but I hate that she tries a little too hard to act like her character. That’s the only thing that bugs me about her.

  9. me646 says

    Oh please, Kim is a 50 something year old woman all the weirdness between mother and daughter is FINISHED at the point in time. GO KIM!!!