Jessica Simpson And Tony Romo Broke Up

What?!? Last thing I knew we were hearing marriage rumors and now all of a sudden people are saying that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have broken up. Tony was in Illinois partying with college buddies and he told them that he and Jess were over.

“They’re broken up,” according to a pal of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. “He told us they broke up and that was that. We’re guys so we didn’t talk about it much.”

They went out to a club and Tony was surrounded by girls all night long.

“He was surrounded by girls,” according to an eyewitness. “We had to restrain some who forcibly tried to make their way to his table. He zeroed in on one blonde all night. That blonde wasn’t Jessica Simpson.”




  1. Amy says

    Why are we surprised? Tony is just having fun before he finds someone to settle down with, which I don’t think he is ready to do yet. You can tell he is young and just wants to have fun with the guys and lots of different women. I think Jessica was trying to tie him down too much for his liking. Then there is her pervy dad. What guy in his right would want to deal with that. I wonder if Tony has a sex tape he will sell to the highest bidder. Hopefully he had his fun and came to his senses. Jessica is just another notch.

  2. lisa says

    i agree with momster, she should live her life and be herself instead of transforming into a new woman each time she meets a new guy..she makes herself into this person she thinks THEY want her to be, when in reality, she should know that guys love women that love themselves and won’t bend over backwards for them..

  3. Nicky says

    Jessica’s dad basically found Tony for Jessica. And Tony probably thought wow I can have an easy booty call like John Mayer. This is what Jessica gets for dumping Nick.

  4. Ray says

    Remember how she HATED football when she and Nick were married lol! Jessica’s relationships with Tony and John Mayer only lasted 6 months lol! And then the novelty wears off and they dump her.

  5. 411 says

    Sorry haters but her rep made a statement saying it’s not true. They are still together. It’s a shame this site & some of the other’s post crap without checking it out first. Tony & Jess are hot together and they will make beautiful babies! The best thing she did was dump jealous, dead weight Nick. Look at him now-fat, lazy, drunk and dating a monkey!

  6. 411 says

    #2, Jessica is the one in counseling during the end of their mariiage. Nick refused to go until the Dec she filed for divorce. It takes 2 to tange and he is not Mr. Perfect, either.

  7. Claire says

    I haven’t heard the rep denying it. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jessica and her rep were the last to know she was dumped, or she is delusional. I for one am still holding out hope he dumped her sorry ass.

  8. says

    Enough with this rot about Jess wanting a rich man!

    I just today read that her shoes/handbags/clothing line made $300 million last year and is expanding into children’s clothing.

    She needs to be worried about protecting her money from dogs like Beer-Bongs Lachey and Tony Soon-To-Be-A-Hasbeen Romo.

  9. CandyGirl says

    Lets say you’re married or seriously dating a guy… and your entire relationship is displayed to the world. You’re both constantly in gossip mags, websites, tv, etcetc.
    Everyone who doesn’t know you starts judging you and makign assumptions about your personal life. Than they all start saying stuff about what a dumb skank you are, how you don’t deserve him, and how he needs to “dumb your sorry ass.” And you read/watch this everyday and know deep down that most of it is not true.
    How would you feel about it? How would you feel about so many people (who have never met you) talking so much trash and hoping that your relationship fails?

    Some of you are so judgmental, mean, and pathetic.

  10. yea.. so says

    411 “they will make beautiful babies!” umm calm down. We understand you her number 1fanatic but some ppl just dont like her. Deal with it.

    Now I hope this is not true for jessica’s sake she needs to be stable because it seems like she doesnt like being alone and can only be happy if shes with someone.

  11. Callie says

    I really feel kind of sorry for Jess. She’s so lonely on her own she feels like she’s got to be with someone no matter what. She needs to take some time and be her own woman for a change instead of trying to be some guys everything. I understand why she’s doing it, I was young and immature once too. Hopefully she’ll grow up and figure out that she’s got to figure herself out and be who SHE is before she adds a second person to the equation.

    Go live and learn Jess!

  12. Instand Karma Will Get You! says


    Celebrities want to be famous and lack of privacy is part of the package along with making millions of dollars. If one has talent and believes in themselves and never gives up then anything is possible and negative comments should not disrupt their lives. Jessica is getting what she deserves. She dumped Nick who truly loved her because she got a big head thinking every man wants to marry her and she did not want to share her movie money with Nick. Now she dates these rich and famous guys and continues to allow herself to get used and dumped. KARMA!

  13. Ernestine says

    “InstanD” Karma: because you know these people personally, right? Because you know that Jessica Simpson is just the most evil person alive, and she just ASKS for ANY hurtful shit that gets flung her way?

    I TOTALLY agree with you, CandyGirl.

  14. Instant Karma says


    I am judging her by her character. She dumped Nick without even going to marriage counseling. She agreed to do a reality show and now we all have a good idea of what she is all about. She chooses to go out with men for their fame and money and gets used in the process. Jessica is also to blame for her lousy love life.

  15. yourmom says

    This is another BS story leaked by Poppa Joe to keep her name in the rags, are you people that dumb you can’t see that?

  16. kiki says

    #19: Any celebrity who would spend their time reading what complete strangers think about them and their relationships based solely on what they read in tabloids and gossips sites, and then get bummed out about it needs a reality check, STAT. If J. Simp or anyone looks to the internet/tabloids for a self-esteem boost, well therein lies the problem. We all gotta look within and develop ourselves first, then move on to developing r’ships with others. It’s not rocket science.

  17. amle says

    The problem is that two people cant just date anymore without the tabloids questioning their every move. I think she can do better than Tony though. He seems like a dud.

  18. rachr says

    I did meet Jessica. And she was not too friendly to a big fan during her marriage to Nick and newlyweds fame. Just to put it out there. Maybe she has gotten more humble?

  19. GreatScott says

    Who didn’t see that one coming? She called him her future husband in a magazine interview after only dating him a few months. That would scare any guy off. Even if they had discussed marriage at some point down the road,(which I doubt) you don’t go flapping your gobb to some magazine about it.

  20. dallas fan says

    Tony is a really nice guy when his head isn’t in the clouds or up Jessicas ass. The
    nice Tony is who we want back. He is calling Carrie. She is Americas Sweetheart and maybe this is what he needs to settle his butt down.

  21. JennD says

    Oh. Yeah. Another website is posting that he put her on speakerphone and then was talking about her…..”bedroom skills.” I really hope that isn’t true.

  22. Pixie says

    Jessica should have stayed with the only man that loved her which was her ex hubby Nick. But Jessica got a fat head and thought she could do better and did not want to share her movie money with Nick. Instead of marriage counseling she dumps Nick. Now Jessica has no luck with men. John Mayer used her as an easy booty call and Tony did as well.

  23. ~Me says

    I will just say….Thank goodness he came to his senses! Can’t take another year of him chocking on the football field!

  24. alicat says

    i hope this isn’t true. but prob is. I wish she would get back with Nick. it could happen.

  25. Ha! Ha! says

    Jessica is desperate to find a rich and famous man. She will tolerate anything like when John denied that they were seeing each other. She deserves what she gets for dumping Nick.

  26. Talk about Desperate! says

    What a Nasty Whore ( This Picture ) this Skank turned out to be. I’m sure Pa-Pa Joe figured Dating this Football Player would or Could help her Career. Whatever her Talents were????

  27. Roxanne says

    She needs to stop trying so hard. I wonder if her probs are coming from her Dad running her life….????
    I wish she had stayed with Nick too.

  28. momster says

    I hope, for her sake, this is not true. I just feel so sorry for her – she totally brings this on herself. I read that article in a certain mag last week @ how she calls him her ‘future husband’ and stuff, and how she has totally rearranged her life for his. I thought then that it would end badly. What guy wants a girl to TOTALLY change everything about herself for him? Certainly none of the guys SHE has been with. Poor, poor thing. Get a backbone, get a life, THEN get a man!

  29. says

    After watching Jessica on her Newly Weds show I can see why it would be hard for any man in his right mind to deal with her me, me me! attitude. She whines and complains non stop. When a guy like Tony who knows he can get just about any girl heres all that crap, of course he is going to kick her to the curb and move on like she never existed.

  30. Miss M says

    Nothing scares a guy more than a woman who openly talks about how badly she wants to get married without having talked to her BF first. The more she tries to pressure him into proposing to her the longer he will take or the faster he will run (away).

  31. says

    Oh Thank God! Cowboy’s Fans really gave her a hard time last year, the game’s curse! We can only hope that Romo pulls his head out of his ass now and not choke again this coming season during football games!!!!

  32. Hinsley says

    As far as her rep – just how long did her rep continue to state that Nick and Jess were completely happy and together? All the way to the end. The day after the last statement, they filed for divorce. Reps are paid to keep things calm as long as possible.

  33. Leah says

    Woohoooo!!!!!!! I hope t is true, so I can relax when football season starts and Tony will finally get his head in the Game

  34. Mama Bear says

    Do yourself a favor Tony and keep calling Carrie. She’s classy and smart something Jessica wasnt. She’ll make four times Tonys yearly salary while she’s on tour selling out every show. She doesn’t need his money. Only thing is will she have him? She’s a very bright girl and he’s screwed her over before so Tony better start sweet talkin.

  35. Kayla. says

    When I found out they split up I was so upset! They were perfect for eachother.
    but that was the old non-player tony.
    he has changed into this big faggot qb like tom brady.

    lets pray he doesnt knock her up!

    god bless!