John Mayer And Jennifer Aniston’s Relationship “Killing” Jessica Simpson

This whole John Mayer/ Jennifer Aniston relationship has been hard on Jessica Simpson…really hard.In fact, she’s taking it so badly that UsWeekly is reporting on the day news surfaced of their relationship she went to happy hour at a Mexican restaurant with her Cacee Cob and Cacee’s fiance Donald Faison and got extremely intoxicated.Cacee was puking under the table and Jessica was so out of it that she had to call her mom to come pick her up.
That was the same night Tony was spotted partying solo in Chicago.
What do you think…has UsWeekly blown the story out of proportion is Jessica really that heartbroken over John…or Tony…or both?




  1. Just Sayin... says

    Who knows if any of this is true. They are just creating another love triangle to sell magazines. It doesn’t matter what any of us think about Jessica Simpson or John Mayer or Jennifer Aniston, for that matter. It only matters what they think of each other. You can hate John Mayer as much as you want, but she knew/knows him personally and has/had actual feelings for him for some reason. I love it when people say “get over it” as if it’s just that easy.

  2. AJ says


    I agree and I think Jessica had the misconception that all men will love and care about her just like Nick. Then she dates John Mayer and he does not even acknowledge them as a couple and eventually dumped her.

  3. says

    I doubt the whole story…I mean come on she has been with Tony and if she was out drowning her sorrows in a pint or 10 it is probably because of Tony and nothing to do with John. I don’t love Jessica, but I was secretly hoping her and Tony would make it…and maybe they will.

  4. lolo says

    ehhhh…. i im gona be honest it killed me when jess and john got 2gether.and i was so happy when it ended…i didnt kno wat john was thinkin….aside from that i thought jess and tony were gona last

  5. BJ says

    Jessica is the joke of Hollywood. Men don’t want to marry her; they want to have sex with her and when they are done; they will to dump her.

  6. I Love John Mayer says


    I felt the same way and could not even bring myself to listening to his music or going to his concert. I look forward to seeing John this summer in concert.

  7. jess says

    Check out Trent’s post at Pink is the New Blog, he has an update on this story that shows US Weekly pretty much made the whole thing up.

  8. someone says

    I read that she and Tony broke up, so if thats true that is probably why shes upset, not because of John M. Us weekly makes up almost everything they print!

  9. Amy says

    It all boils down to who has the better dog? Daisy is as annoying as her owner. Norman rocks and John knows it. Does that sound ridiculous? You bet, but no more so than Jessica still pining for John. I don’t think she knows what true love is. She just wants to be in a relationship to keep herself in tabloids.

  10. Mayra says

    im sorry but i don’t believe anything in this magazine anymore… how do they come out with this stuff anyways…. oh i know an insider…. that’s believeble than lol… I wonder what angelina’s bizarre birth plan is though…..

  11. says

    Jessica is the hotness. I don’t think she has the confidence to match it though. I see why she broke up with Nick. I watched their reality show and he is very loving but sometimes he would look at her like she was a complete moron. That can’t be good for your relationship. They were perfect for each other though. I remember when they were singing to each other it was so cute. I hope she finds someone special she is a sweet girl.

  12. Passerby says

    I feel really bad for the women in the 60’s who fought hard to get women to be taken seriously. Now we have a new slew of, how can I say this, …just STUPID BIMBOs whose only goal in life appears to get a man, keep a man, or base their whole idea of happiness on a man.
    Women, get a life, a career and realize that happiness is not realized by having a man.

  13. Honestly! says

    Come on! John Mayer is just O.K . Nothing Great. I can’t imagine getting this upset over your ex’es. Move On Jessica.

  14. pollee says

    US is doing to Jessica what they always did to Aniston about Brad. I imagine these ladies are both looong over these guys and I for one, am SICK of seeing these stories!

  15. jill says

    Ugh, the “Stabbed In The Heart” headline is a bit much. US needs to stop over speculating.

  16. Pixie says


    True but Jessica got a fat head doing her reality show with Nick. She got a lot of attention during the reality show and thought she could do better than Nick. She also did not want to share her movie money with Nick so she quickly got a divorce instead of going to marriage counseling. Then Jessica realized that dating famous people is hard and there is a lot of competition with other famous women and fans. So she lets John Mayer use her as a convenient booty call and then he dumps her. Usually when a person gets dump, they secretly pine over the person. Now it is rumored that Tony dumped Jessica too.