Kate Hudson And Lance Armstrong Spend Weekend Together

I find it interesting that Lance Armstrong is so interwoven in the Matt-Owen-Kate circle. So much in fact that People Magazine is reporting that Lance and Kate Hudson are now an item. The pair spent the weekend together in Austin, Texas and onlookers couldn’t help but notice.

First, the pair dined at Eddie V’s, a high-end restaurant frequented by Armstrong, according to a restaurant insider.

"They came in [Friday] and had dinner together, it’s true," the insider tells PEOPLE.

next night, Hudson, 29, and Armstrong, 36, ate at the casual Hula Hut
with the athlete’s three children and a group of friends. "They came in
with the kids and a large group of people," says another restaurant
source. "They ordered dinner – tacos, burgers and fries and that sort
of stuff."

Asked if the pair looked romantic, the source merely said, "They looked like they were having fun."

What do you think about this new pairing? Is Lance stepping on Owen’s toes? Or do these rules not apply for adults?

Photo by Flynet




  1. Passerby says

    i don’t think they need any of you all’s permission to date!!! they are adults unlike a few of you!!

  2. Passerby says

    “Or does these rules not apply for adults?”

    Vera-this doesn’t sound like you.
    I’m sorry to be picky, but this grammar is really bugging me! Maybe because it’s Monday.
    Love ya anyway!

  3. Ernestine says

    Oh, come ON. I’m an English major who’s planning on becoming an English TEACHER, and even I’m not enough of a jerk to call someone out on a simple grammatical mistake. Get a life.

  4. Passerby says

    Agreed. People make mistakes all the time so they’re excusable, but try not to put them in the very last phrase!! x

  5. lara jane says

    Passerby, why are you replying to yourself on numerous posts?

    ANYWAY! last I heard, Kate & Owen were serious again and possibly engaged! She sure makes the rounds…

  6. Passerby says

    Um, Lara Jane. Passerby is a default name if you’re not a member. A little common sense please…

  7. lisa says

    i doubt they’re dating..he’s such good friends with owen that i think he probably got to be good friends with kate as well and is trying to cheer her up during this time..

  8. Passerby says

    Lara Jane, Kate and Owen were dating until about a week after her big birthday weekend down in Miami. Then, the Miami Herald started reporting on its blog about Owen’s shenanigans down Miami way. Threesomes, one girl after another, etc. Apparently some of the girls started not calling Owen back because he was being so “skanky.” It must have been really bad to have a skank call someone else a skank! Even though apparently they were taking it slow and not in a committed relationship, Owen really humiliated Kate since his antics were splashed all over the internet. So, they had a HUGE fight, lots of shouting and tears, it was reported. A few days after the fight, apparently, Kate went to a dinner party in New York where Lance was also attending. They hit it off, and started seeing each other. Complicating this story was the false report Kate and Owen were engaged, plus the fact that the breakup wasn’t reported until 2 weeks after it happened!

    Poor Kate, she really tried to help Owen, but he just can’t seem to be able to control his impulses (i.e., keep his fly zipped). I do admire how Kate can pick herself up and put bad times behind her.

  9. Passerby says

    I don’t get why people think Lance and Owen are such good friends. They did a movie together and probably bump into each other occasionally, but other than that, I would think it would be a bit awkward since Owen dated Sheryl Crow for 2 years and then she went on to become engaged to Lance.

  10. Amy says

    I can’t keep up with wo dated who in the circle of people. It’s giving me a migraine thinking about it. As long as Kate wasn’t engaged or married to Owen, or it wasn’t a long term, live-in relationship then I say it’s ok, they have my permission to date.