Britney Spears Dating Her Agent?

Supposedly Britney Spears has a new man in her life…and he is the one responsible for reuniting her with her family and getting things back on track. He’s an agent for William Morris talent agency which looks after Britney and his name is Jason Trawick (pictures of him here) The two supposedly took things to the next level during Brit’s Costa Rica vacation.

"They [Britney and Jason] had a great time in Costa Rica and they also got a chance to enjoy some quality romantic time together. Britney totally trusts him and she has very deep feelings for him. It’s now got to the point where Britney wants to be with him full time."

And Jason is being given a lot of credit for her come back.

"Jason was deeply saddened when she lost it and he made it his personal mission to see she comes back. It
was Jason who was one of the key figures who helped Britney to reunite
with her parents and, in turn, get herself back on track.
He was also behind her reuniting with her former manager Larry Rudolph, and getting her involved with the TV series How I Met Your Mother."

I just don’t know if a relationship would be good for Britney right now. I think she needs to focus on herself and her kids…so let’s just keep our fingers crossed this guy is a good influence. If everything said about him is true, then maybe we can hope for the best. Although I was kind of holding out for a K-Fed-Britney reunion. 😛


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  1. missyfussy says

    I agree, she needs to quit looking to men to make her happy or to save her…having said that, they look very natural and relaxed together and she looks very happy. Even if they are just friends, they seem comfortable around each other. Of course that’s just from the pictures. He is a damn good agent, though.

  2. Scamp says

    He looks like “Sam Lutfi” to me. Whatever happened to him anyway? I bet this is him in a semi disguise.

  3. Daniee says

    Um, I just doubt after the way she treated Kevin, he would be able to take her back. They just had a baby and she dumped him via text while on a drug binge. Then she goes and tried to get full custody of his children. It would be nice if they got back together but I just don’t see it.

  4. Mr. T says

    Britney’s no prize. She sounds pretty desperate. She should focus on getting her life in order. But hey, that’s what a sane person would do, right?

  5. Kayla says

    Britney found KFed, um sorry, SlimeFed with a prostitute a couple of months after she had given birth to their 2nd child. THEN she texted she was filing for divorce. SlimeFed seemed to want to be a player again after they had gone to Vegas. He is slime, always has been slime, and I think he only married her to get what he got out of her. BEST WISHES TO BRITNEY! SHE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY NOW. WORKED MORE THAN HALF HER LIFE!!

  6. Crafefa says


  7. xxxx says

    None of this is true Brittany took her agent on a trip to say thank you for your hard work. There is no boyfriend/girlfriend relationship

  8. Kate says

    Britney looks very happy lately, and I’m sure that she is in love with Jason Trawick. He’s a good person, and won’t use her like her previous beaus. I’m very excited for Britney and Jason. They make an attractive couple.

  9. Elina says

    can’t needy women just take a break from dating???…it does not matter who you date….former psychos need time for themselves to evaluate themselves and clarify their goals…

  10. Ellie says

    Um… how about maybe he makes her happy (IF they are dating) and is helping her get over all the crap she’s put up with in the past couple of years? Maybe he really IS good for her?
    People just can’t be happy for others. That’s sad.

  11. LaurenLovesNick says

    I think its interesting that they talk about this guy being her savior.. I have never heard of him before. Well good luck to them if its true.

  12. jojo says

    i know eh ellie? ppl tend to look at the negative… we should be thankfull that this is the kind of man britney is dating right now…. i mean he’s better than adnan/kevin